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  1. emileverh

    String literals more then 255 chars

    They heard my voice ;-)) https://blogs.embarcadero.com/yukon-beta-blog-delphi-language-modernizing-string-literals/
  2. emileverh

    String literals more then 255 chars

    One last remark, as said, it's this issue not shocking.... I use DevExpress 'dxFormattedLabels' a lot. So in the string there will be extra markup code for setting text to bold and/or italic or change color. So the string can quickly become quite large. If you use a multi language app ( as I have Dutch and English for now), the string can grow beyond it's limitation. Break; never filed a request to EMB before, but I see they changed the status to OPEN and INTERNAL ASSIGNED. So there is a little hope 😉 Have a nice day, to you all. And enjoy D11.3 as much as I do. There are lot's of improvements!!!
  3. emileverh

    String literals more then 255 chars

    Nice your code... I can not use it! Because of a third party tool. I don't know how many Delphi programmers are here in this world. A few thousand sure, but if we sum all the time spend on this ( for me stupid) limitation lot's of money is thrown away. Is it a show stopper? No. Is it critical? No. Are there workarounds? Yes. The only thing I hope is that EMB changes this old fashion limitation.
  4. emileverh

    String literals more then 255 chars

    typo... sorry
  5. emileverh

    String literals more then 255 chars

    Yes I know you can use the '+' sign. But we have all seen this issue sooner or later. 255 chars is something for Delphi 1 or Delphi 2, not for Delphi 11 in 2023! I have third party tools for my mutli-language app. And if the string is too long everything stucks. The only thing I ask for EMB, why can't they change 'const' or 'resourcestring' from 'shortstring' to string?
  6. Hey guys! I need a little help, I created a ticket. We live in 2023, talking about 64-bit compilers, FMX, and other high-tech stuff, and a string literal can not be longer then 255 chars? for use with resourcestrings, consts. Come on..... Please vote! https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-41138
  7. Title is clear I think ;-)). Installed with DevExpress, CodeSite and ReportBuilder.... NO ISSUES!!
  8. emileverh

    Access to Google Calendar via Delphi

  9. emileverh

    Access to Google Calendar via Delphi

    I am a bit further now. I had the idea that the end-user had to setup the settings at console.google.cloud but that's only for me, the developer. Yes, I have a client-id and secret now. I hoped for a bit of advice, because I have a business on my own and I can ask no other developers than ; you 😉
  10. Hi guys! Nowadays I see lot's of applications where a regular desktop app pops up a browser-like window where the end-user can enter his xxxxx@gmail.com email address and password and grant access to Google email or Google calendar, etc. etc. I have the DevExpress suite ( and D11 ) and my end goal is to sync the DevExpress calendar with the TcxScheduler. There is an DevExpress demo example but it's too complicated for me ( for now) and the end-user. Their example works with client-id and client-secret. And creating them takes 15 clicks in the console.google.cloud . This way too complicated for an end-user..... Is there a way ( which I don't see now ) how to get ( OAuth?!?) easy access by just entering email and password? Any help would be nice! Best regards, Emile
  11. Thanks all. I noticed a disadvantage of using interfaces... the getters and setters are exposed. I would be more cleaner to see the property only. But that's how interfaces work, no public/private area. I don't know if interfaces ( in my case ) bring me a lot ,except reference counting and cleanup stuff in a proper way.
  12. A compiler hint would be nice if you forget to explicit mention the type in this case. Until now most of my code did not add the type by using inline vars ( strings, integers, etc. ). I you forget to mention the type with interfaced objects then you have a memory leak
  13. Thanks for the quick response, and helpful answer!! Reading lot of E-Books now....
  14. type ICar = interface ['{F476D9B5-EE8C-458D-96CD-107C80855066}'] function GetPlateNoDashes: string; end; type TCar = class(TInterfacedObject, ICar) function GetPlatesNoDashes: string; ...... end; ======== procedure TfrmMain.DoSomething; begin var car:= TCar.Create; ShowMessage(car.GetPlateNoDashes); end; Hi all! Better late then never... I am experimenting with interfaces..... Question: Is the variable 'car' of type ICar or TCar? And more important, do I need to call .Free in the DoSomething procedure? Regards, Emile Thanks
  15. emileverh

    Latetst support SQLITE version in Delphi 11.x

    Thanks for your answer ;-)) I was just wondering. I thought I had issues which where SQLite related, but it seems to be elsewhere in my program. Anyway thanks again!