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  1. emileverh

    Set form in read only mode

    Use GetControls() new since Delphi 11 I believe. Just as an example for me to disable TcxEdit's only. But you can do your own stuff: for var ctrl in frmMain.GetControls([ceftAll]) do begin if (ctrl is TcxEdit) then begin TcxEdit( ctrl).Enabled := false; end; end;
  2. emileverh

    Simpel types

    Great! Thanks a lot!!
  3. emileverh

    Simpel types

    Hi guys! I am using D12. I have lots of code for ID’s like this: type TProductID = record ID : nativeint; end; What I want is this: type TProductID = nativeint; And yes I know the last declaration works! But when you make a call to a procedure and you mixed the params by mistake you got no error. Is there any helper, record attribute, compiler directive or so where I did not think of?!?! procedure TForm6.FormCreate(Sender: TObject); begin var tmpid: TProductID := 6; AddToStock(tmpid, 100); AddToStock(100, tmpid); // I want a compiler warning or error here!!!!!!! end; procedure TForm6.AddToStock(pid: TProductID; cnt: nativeint); // Both uses internally nativeint begin ShowMessage(pid.ToString); end; Now I have lot's(!) of database code like this in my program.... var cid : TCustomerID; var pid: TProductID; pid.ID := qryGetStockProductID.AsInteger; cid.ID := qryGetStocCustID.AsInteger; What I want is: pid:= qryGetStockProductID.AsInteger; cid := qryGetStocCustID.AsInteger;
  4. @Angus and @FPiette, thank you both!!
  5. Hi! I installed ICS 9.1 today, wowww I am impressed. The demos are very impressive, compliments to the author(s) 😉 But also overwhelming with so much functionality. Can you give me a direction where to look for with what is the easiest way to find a MySQL server ( with port 3306 open) on my LAN (192.168.x.x)? Thanks in advance, Emile
  6. emileverh

    What new features would you like to see in Delphi 13?

    I know it's a compiler problem, but why can they do it with classes and not with records....
  7. emileverh

    What new features would you like to see in Delphi 13?

    That can be true, but that is 'not my problem' how to solve it. I use records a lot for several reasons (speed, memory management,....). And it would be VERY nice to have that.
  8. emileverh

    What new features would you like to see in Delphi 13?

    forward declaration of records, just like a class
  9. emileverh

    Do runtime created forms close the TFDQuery connections?

    Thanks for the quick reply!! 😉
  10. emileverh

    Do runtime created forms close the TFDQuery connections?

    The TFDConnection is on a central place in the program on a different datamodule. ( MySQL and the property 'Pooled' is left default, which is False )
  11. Hi team! frmSelectFooter := TfrmSelectFooter.Create(self); if frmSelectFooter.ShowModal = mrOk then begin ... end; FreeAndNil( frmSelectFooter ); If there are TFDQuery's used in that form, do I need to close explicitly close the query? In other words, are (database) resources still in use? Thanks! Emile
  12. emileverh

    What new features would you like to see in Delphi 13?

    Totally agree. Fix the existing things first....
  13. emileverh

    Access multiple Outlook calendars

    Looks interesting. I will try that! Thanks for your help ;-))
  14. emileverh

    Access multiple Outlook calendars

    Thanks for your answer. First the link does not work. And second my application is a planning tool where lots of mutations are done during the day. And adding email with attachments is not a good option ( we tought of that), because there will be a lots of mouse click work than and I don't want to run VBA scripts. Therefore I want full access to the local application, where the secretary has access to xxx employees. And I want to add/remove directly into Outlook. It already works for 1 calendar. But now I want to address one specific calendar.....that is my question
  15. emileverh

    Access multiple Outlook calendars

    Yes, but it's loooooooots of things to read and every item is hyperlinked to another page. So I miss the overview. I hope(d) that some could say, yes I have done this before and do this (fake code): calendar.User[2].AddAppointment