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  1. emileverh

    RBuilder issue with pipeline

    Does it work?
  2. emileverh

    RBuilder issue with pipeline

    Set .AutoStop of the ppReport to FALSE
  3. emileverh

    Delphi 11.1 - a month later

    This Delphi 11.1 version is indeed a very good version. But I am still starting it in 'High DPI unaware' mode. There are for me still too many issues with High DPI. Else....I like it a lot!!!
  4. emileverh

    Delphi code formatter inquiry

    May be I am too quick with my answer. .. sorry! The default built in ( IDE ) source code formatter does it wrong. I did not try the GEXPERTS formatter ( until now )
  5. emileverh

    Delphi code formatter inquiry

    With the default code formatter, it goes 'wrong' when you skip the type: var settings := dtmSettings.ReadRecord; Or.... var settings : TSettings := dtmSettings.ReadRecord;
  6. emileverh

    Delphi 11.1 file associations not set

    This is a local problem, reinstall Delphi
  7. Title must be clear ;-(( I don't know if it's DevExpress or EMB. First: frames are not good positioned in first place. Altering the .DFM will fix that. But a checkbox is displayed too tiny and a button image looks bad on runtime!!! By the way, the 'problem' components are within a frame. After months of waiting for D11.1 is this not good!!!! Back to "Delphi 11.1 DPI Unaware mode"
  8. emileverh

    Formatting inline var

    How do you notice that?! Is the compiler complaining or do you have runtime issues?
  9. emileverh

    Formatting inline var

    No I did not.... And for me(!) is it not necessary to include the type
  10. emileverh

    Formatting inline var

    Thanks for the large explanation, but did not do the job still...... ;-(( Strange!! <Option Name="DelphiFormatter.NewLineForEachVarAndConstElement" Type="Borland.Together.OpenAPI3.Config.LF_CASE" Category="DelphiLinebreaks" SubCategory="NewLines" Value="No" Levels="Formatter" />
  11. emileverh

    Formatting inline var

    Hi! For D11; Can anybody tell me what setting(s) I needin Tools-Options-Language-Formatter ( or may be it's not possible at all ) the format an inline var. I want to have the keyword in front of the variable, now a line break is added. By the way the line break is not added in a 'regular' declaration This is what I want: TfrmMain.SomeStuff; var x : integer; begin ... lots of code var settings := dtmSettings.ReadRecord; end; And Delphi 11 does this: TfrmMain.SomeStuff; var x : integer; begin ... lots of code var settings := dtmSettings.ReadRecord; end; Any help is welcome 😉
  12. emileverh

    A book about Object Pascal Style Guide

    Indeed, good reading stuff!
  13. emileverh

    GExperts 1.3.20 experimental twm 2022-01-30 released

    Thank you for all the good work!!
  14. emileverh

    SQLite to MySQL

    Thanks for the answers 😉