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  1. Keesver

    New desktop FMX app - third party controls?

    ## Free version A free version is available which is actually quite capable. The free version is named FMX-GRID. This version can be used by any number of developers and offers royalty free distribution of applications. The free version is published under the MIT license ## Commercial version FMX-GRID-MODEL is a commercial product. It adds model support and property binding for easy creation of user interfaces. A license is required per developer. Licenses are valid for 12 months, a subscription is required to keep licenses valid. Subscriptons must be renewed after the end date. If you are renewing your license before (or up to 30 days after) the current expiration date, the new expiration date will be calculated based on the original order date. Updates are only available to users with a valid license.
  2. Keesver

    New desktop FMX app - third party controls?

    We are in a similar situation and support a desktop, mobile, web and MacOs application from a single code base. We use a grid control written by our company which is also publicly available at Git-hub (GitHub - a-dato/FMX-GRID). This is more than just a grid control, as it supports light weight data binding and custom collections, sorting and more. You are welcome to check it out.
  3. What is the current state of this project? I'm looking for something like this. Looks like it made it into Kastri. Will check there first....
  4. Delphi 12 Version 29.0.50491.5718: I just did a small test on a fast MSSql server with a similar query on a very large table and I do not see such a delay. The data is shown quickly. I'm just using FDConnection and FDQuery. Probably your setup is different or your table contains some (big) blob's that are fetched? Also tried ADOConnection/ADOQuery, this was actually a little bit faster. Please provide a sample.
  5. Just to be clear, the application is the same in D11 and in D12? Or are you comparing VCL to FMX?
  6. You can add all objects to the same TLayout and then control the opacity from this TLayout.
  7. Keesver

    FMX-GRID Released

    Some images to show the grid in action:
  8. Keesver

    FMX-GRID Released

    Hello all, We are pleased to anounce the availability of a new Delphi grid control specifically designed for FMX. This control runs on all platforms, is easy on the memory, updatess fast and has smooth scrolling. There is a free version available that includes the following features: Connects to different data sources (Lists, List<T>, TDataset) Smart row caching results in low memory usage Fast scrolling Hierarchical views Extendable property model based on .Net type system (object properties can be modified at runtime) Development backed up by a professional team of FMX developers Components used in professional software (Lynx/Lynx-x) by a large user community We also provide a commercial version, this version adds model support and property binding to visual controls. You can easily bind properties to editors for advanced two way syncing. Please go to https://github.com/a-dato/FMX-GRID.git to download the free version. Community site: https://community.a-dato.com
  9. I can't login into https://quality.embarcadero.com/login.jsp. Is it my account or something else? Thanks for your feedback
  10. ApplyStyleLookup should be called only once when a control is about to be painted. However, when a TDateEdit control is put on a form and the application is moved to a second monitor with a different DPI, ApplyStyleLookup is called every time the drop down of the date editor is opened. The same happens with a TComboBox control. See test application. We will create a bug report for this at Embarcadero, but maybe someone knows a fix or workaround? Thanks ApplyStyleLookup.zip
  11. procedure TFMXPrintForm.btnMakePDFClick(Sender: TObject); var r: TRect; LCanvas: ISkCanvas; LDocument: ISkDocument; LDocumentStream: TStream; LSVGDOM: ISkSVGDOM; LSize: TSizeF; begin LSVGDOM := TSkSVGDOM.MakeFromFile('Delphi.svg'); LSize := TSizeF.Create(300, 300); r.Left := 0; r.Top := 0; r.Width := Round(treeControl.Width); r.Height := Round(treeControl.Height); LSVGDOM.SetContainerSize(LSize); LDocumentStream := TFileStream.Create('Delphi.pdf', fmCreate); try LDocument := TSkDocument.MakePDF(LDocumentStream); try LCanvas := LDocument.BeginPage(r.Width, r.Height); try LSVGDOM.Render(LCanvas); finally LDocument.EndPage; end; finally LDocument.Close; end; finally LDocumentStream.Free; end; end; Also see: Using Skia's PDF Backend | Skia
  12. You can print to PDF and then show this to the user. I can't tell you how to do this from the top of my head though.
  13. Delphi Supports Android API 33 Via Yukon Beta (embarcadero.com)
  14. Keesver

    Convert project c# to pascal

    Converting such code to Delphi is normally not the best approach (a lot of work and you loose connection with the original code). You can better make this code available to your Delphi application as a COM object or as a service.
  15. Keesver

    Registering user activity?

    At the Dutch Delphi day a few weeks ago, Bob Swart presented CodeSite which can do this (CodeSite - RAD Studio (embarcadero.com)). Especially the real time tracking whereby log events were sent directly to a central server showed that user interactions with the application could be tracked in (nearly) real time.