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  1. I think this should be TThread.Synchronize because the code needs to wait for the result.
  2. Hello, We are looking for an FMX developer, experience required. We are located in the Netherlands, but working remote is possible. This is a long term project for at least 3 days per week. Thanks, Kees Vermeulen, A-dato
  3. Keesver


    Yes, see https://github.com/Coldzer0/QuickJS-Pascal Looks like a promising solution too.
  4. Keesver


    Thanks for your reply. Problem is that we are not a 'registered user' of paxCompiler. We are investigating possibilities of adding scripting to our application and paxCompiler seems to have all the right specifications. Maybe someone is willing to sell their license to us? I have contacted Apex but got no reply (yet).
  5. Keesver


    Can I still download the latest (released) version of paxCompiler somewhere, we have a need to add scripting to our application?