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  1. We are using EV (extended validation) code signing certificates to add trust, this should prevent Windows from asking additional confirmation when installing our software. In addition, when the certificate is renewed, trust statistics are kept because the new certificate is recognized as being the same as the 'old' one. Requesting such a certificate requires extra steps during the certification process.
    (I can send you an installation url if you want to see how this works out)

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  2. Thanks everyone for your comments. Enough information to look into.

    The Delphi language guide looks like a good starting point, this is something the person can do by themselves.


    @David: your comments include a good list of topics that need to be touched in the learnings. 



    Kees Vermeulen



  3. We are preparing to release our software using Thinfinity as an alternative to the desktop version. We did some tests and this showed it worked pretty good. We do want to change our application to make it look more 'web' alike. This means hiding the menu for example. Can't tell yet how performant it will be. You do need a server capable of handling the number of concurrent users of your application though.

    We were told RDS licenses are not required because Thinfinity does not use the RDS services (which I can confirm after running multiple sessions on the same server without such license). I can't say if Microsoft agrees on this....

  4. 15 hours ago, Bob Devine said:

    @Keesver We have a private WeMe group and some more recent updates. Email me on gmail.com (name at the end of this post). The deal is that I confirm with Alexander that you're a registered user then you can get access. 


    Cheers, Bob (rlsdevine@)


    Thanks for your reply. Problem is that we are not a 'registered user' of paxCompiler.

    We are investigating possibilities of adding scripting to our application and paxCompiler seems to have all the right specifications. Maybe someone is willing to sell their license to us?

    I have contacted Apex but got no reply (yet).