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  1. Hi Keith, Using an ini file myself but in TPath.GetHomePath. don't extract or exclude anything, TPath handles that. iniPath:=TPath.Combine(TPath.GetSharedDownloadsPath, 'MyFolderName'); Then use TFile and TDirectory.. if not TDirectory.Exists(...) then TDirectory.CreateDirectory(...); TFile also has an exists method. and the ini:=TIniFile.Create(TPath.Combine(iniPath,'my.ini')); Again, using home path, I need no permissions, using shared path, might need them so check them. can't comment on barcode, sorry.. Dave
  2. Hi Keith, Yes, it would be possible to make berlin target newer androids, looked into it myself, but in my opinion, it's not the correct path. Upgrade to D11, follow steps above in Dave's response because I didn't at first, no fun. and my in experience, there's usually something that is different that causes a bit of work, I don't typically expect a perfect compile first time on a new D version. I will say this, I'm on Android 11 now. 🙂 Good Luck, Dave
  3. lol, i flip my ie ei allot.. height, client piss me off.. i turn off all editor helpers, just slow me down.. i flow it all out, then correct my spelling, with a few ctrl-f9, compilers so fast, this works..
  4. qubits

    Async dialog on android?

    kind of like this? https://github.com/qubits-us/Base3D dave
  5. qubits

    Application terminate on Android/iOS

    Dave, Wow, that's beautiful!!
  6. Hi Mark, no, compiler in my head says, 6 and 7. index passed as var, i is index, index is i and you inc it, change the order of your addition. dave
  7. qubits

    Application terminate on Android/iOS

    not sure about your apples but killed my robots like this.. {$IFDEF ANDROID} ReleaseWakeLock; MainActivity.finish; {$ENDIF} dave
  8. qubits

    iOS, Metal, Bitmaps, RGB becomes BGR?

    Hi John, First word that popped into my head was, endianness. Use to pass data between old mpus. looking at timage.LoadFromStream, it calls the TBitmapCodecManager.LoadFromStream who then passes it off to the CodecClass but that's where i stop as the function to get the correct CodecClass is in fact called GuessCodecClass() , so your guess is as good as mine.. frack it, flip all the bits.. Sorry, no help..
  9. qubits

    DPI and Scaling Discussion

    nah, read only and probably just insane thinking i can set a scaled matrix but looking some more, maybe the camera matrix or i see a scale property. not really needed as my textures and text is quite perfect now, just seeing if there is in fact a juicy center in that OpenGL tootsie pop. thanks again!
  10. qubits

    DPI and Scaling Discussion

    yes, just like that and know i also noticed, need to drop some tdummy's and replace with TSolidLayer3d which has this magical property and can also contain my kids. will definitely be playing with this, could save me allot of work, was just going to do all the math by hand, thank you!! 🙂
  11. qubits

    DPI and Scaling Discussion

    happy to say, pixel perfection has been achieved. yes, had to hand draw all text, some texture buffering. and not totally implemented, so I know what I'm doing this weekend. but pretty simple, make all bitmaps and draw all text multiplied by the current scale.
  12. qubits

    Scrollable TGridLayout question

    Tricky, mobile can be whole bunches of fun. Curious, did you try scrolling it yourself. Don't use click event, mouse down save x, mouse up check x, if it's more scroll right, if it's less scroll left. I see the Vert Scroll box has scrollby, so a bit of work, should be able to make it happen. I would also add or subtract some jitter. If x is dead on (+-jitter), then click. Have the scroll bar hidden all the time and just flick it. Good luck! dave
  13. Hi Dave. Some crazy requirements, but maybe you already have your answer. Maybe make the whole mess one image, track x,y on clicks. You could even work out a pinching and scrolling I bet. Resource consumption goes down to nada. Build your image just like your building your screen. You could have thousands of what looks like individual controls but really aren't.
  14. Change the HitTest of the timage to false, click should flow down. there's also an AutoCapture property in timage, might get you're hovering going too
  15. qubits

    DPI and Scaling Discussion

    Thanks Guys for comments. And I have had to do quite a few rewrites, already had to ditch allot of text controls, some ghost crawled into my machine. But hey, less is more sometimes. about 2 more days and I'll know. This is all in 3d, i only use rectangles and spheres. One form3d, nothing on it. apk size is at about 16mb with including 20 animated themes. been fun, coordinates, boggle my brain still, just divide by 2 and throw a gap there, idk. I do think I understand the issue. I make things based off of the width, height which on android is very small 916x411, but in reality it's 2520x1080, when it up scales i would imagine it making best choices as there's not enough pixels to fill it. And I also kind of remember that opengl liked everything to be on integers or uses a sub par rendering, which I already tried but I used 916x411 as my start, so my sizes and positions when scaled are definitely not integers, so I redo that as well just to see.