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  1. Yep, already click the pch option, though I do find that it randomly unticks itself occasionally. Not found out why just yet. Twine - we've used it for many years but have recently found it not as reliable with 11.1. We're now tending to use the IDE built in parallel compiling: Tools|Options - IDE - Compiling and Running - Tick Background compilation and set Priority=High Project Options - C++ Compiler - General Compilation - Enable Batch Compilation Project Options - Project Properties - General - Tick 'Run C++ Compiler in a separate process'. Subprocesses = 16 for me. I find the above is a similar speed to Twine, but also has the added advantage of carrying the speed increase over when releasing with FinalBuilder, We find the debugger is poor with Clang Win32, so may try a classic build again. We found it gave catastrophic internal compiler error in 10.4.x.
  2. Thanks, it partially works. An empty directory called c:\dev_build\MyApp_Win32_Debug\ is created, but also one called c:\dev_build\_Win32_Debug\ which contains all the output files (exe, obj, il* etc)
  3. I'm trying to standardise on a common output pathing for our various apps and for the output directories I have something like this: $(DEV_BUILD_DIR)\$(MSBuildProjectName)_$(Platform)_$(Config) To create C:\dev_build\MyApp_Win32_Debug\ This works fine for the intermediate files etc. If I use the above for the Final Ouput directory, the exe (+others) are placed in the directory, but an F9 results in an error saying unable to locate the executable. It looks like the IDE has no knowledge of $(MSBuildProjectName). Aside from envrionment variables, is there a list available of other params to be used in the project directory fields, specifically the project name? Thanks.
  4. We're moving from BCB2007 where it takes 3.2s (Classic, using Twine x 16) to compile our main project. With 11.1 (Clang + Twine) it takes ~90s. Such a huge difference we've often had seconds thoughts about moving to v11. I'm hoping that it's just a case of more fully optimising the pch.
  5. David P

    Project Build Groups

    Thanks, but there is no way for me to edit the Configurations / Platforms columns. Tried, clicking, double-clicking, right-clicking, no ellipsis. It could do with an 'Edit..' option on the context menu. This is with 11.1. Tried it on 10.4.3 and works as expected, looks like they broke it.
  6. David P

    Project Build Groups

    Is anyone using Build Groups? How do I add different Configuration/Platforms to a Build Group? I have a project group containing 10 projects, some (design-time packages) I want to only compile as Win32, and the run-time packages I want to build as both Win32 + 64. The projects have the relevant Target Platforms listed in Project Manager. When I open the Build Groups pane and create a new Build Group, it adds all the projects to the Build Group. All of them are Release + Win32, but I cannot figure out how to add the Win64 platform too. I'm sure I've managed this in the past with 10.x but I cannot figure it out in 11.1. Any pointers?