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  1. Fritzew

    On The Design Of Uses Clauses

    Yes this look like a nightmare, if you want to parse the source and not only create a AST
  2. Fritzew

    Funny Code in System.Types

    You are completely wrong here.... It will never work...... procedure TestSmall; var lPoint : TPoint; sPoint : TSmallPoint; begin sPoint := default(TSmallPoint); lpoint.x := 255; lpoint.y := 255; writeln('lPoint.x: '+lPoint.x.ToString+ ' lPoint.y: '+lPoint.y.ToString); sPoint := TSmallPoint(lpoint); writeln('sPoint.x: '+sPoint.x.ToString+ ' sPoint.y: '+sPoint.y.ToString); end; Compile and run.......
  3. Fritzew

    Funny Code in System.Types

    Thanks Remy, not only for this also of your work over all the years now
  4. Found today in System.Types........ class operator TPoint.Explicit(Value: TPoint): TSmallPoint; begin if Value.x < Low(SmallInt) then Result.x := Low(SmallInt) else if Value.x > High(SmallInt) then Result.x := High(SmallInt) else Result.x := SmallInt(Result.x); if Value.y < Low(SmallInt) then Result.y := Low(SmallInt) else if Value.y > High(SmallInt) then Result.y := High(SmallInt) else Result.y := SmallInt(Result.y); end; Useless and wrong Code...
  5. Fritzew

    FmxLinux bundling with Delphi and RAD Studio

    The funny thing is, there was a OpenGl Layer for Windows working really well at this time. (I'm also a lifetime customer, my "lifetime" was 4 or 5 month.....). After the purchase the OpenGl part was dropped, not longer usable, and older Delphi not more supported. It was one of the worth purchase i have ever done.
  6. Fritzew

    Bug in Delphi CODE INSIGHT?

    But all on the same day........
  7. If this is true, then Embarcadero is not anymore a Partner you can trust.
  8. Fritzew

    Linux Support on Pro Edition

    Hey, it is the decision from Embarcadero. And to be honest I can understand. I'm not "happy" about it, but.......
  9. Fritzew

    Linux Support on Pro Edition

    Hey, they need to earn money somewhere? Do you work for nothing?
  10. Yes that is for sure........ Remobjects shows what can be done with LLVM, working a lot with Elements these days. It is amazing what they have done with the language!
  11. Fritzew

    Error when installing ErrorSoft components

    At least they are honestđŸ¤“
  12. There is FPC, spend your time to help there. Then you will have your compiler
  13. Fritzew

    PDF Encryption

    I Would also tend to @tjoe if it comes to Pdf Questions. I don't think you will find a more competent person if it comes to Delphi and PDF https://uberpdf.org
  14. Fritzew

    IDE Fix pack for Rio

    For me this is a clear statementđŸ˜€
  15. Fritzew

    IDE Fix pack for Rio

    Simple answer NO. The IDE Fix pack fixes only the IDE