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  1. Fritzew

    IDE Fix pack for Rio

    For me this is a clear statementđŸ˜€
  2. Fritzew

    IDE Fix pack for Rio

    Simple answer NO. The IDE Fix pack fixes only the IDE
  3. Fritzew

    Rio quality disappoint

    No i think that is not the reason, dalija has the right answer i think
  4. Fritzew

    Rio quality disappoint

    - About the IDE, on Windows I use the VS Integration most of the time, because on my machine it is open always. On Mac I'm using there Fire IDE and I like it. It is different but really fast. - Native CPU is fast but I have not done any profiling. To be honest if you look what the net runtime is doing, there is not more any reason to discuss "native" versus "CPU". But if you have more Questions let start a new thread, because we are now really off topic here
  5. Fritzew

    Rio quality disappoint

    Yeah you can compile to NET, Mono, Java, Mac, Windows, Linux, IOS, Webcore. The Extensions to the Pascal-Language are really impressive. And you can mix Pascal, C#, Java, Swift in the same project. I'm at moment working with it a lot. (Porting a NET library to Mac). It is Amazing, the integrated Test Tools are great. Not to say there is MAC 64 Support....... But the best (for me) look at this declaration of a interface and implementing class: type testInterface = public interface property Name : String; end; testClass = class(testInterface) property Name: String; end; This is amazing.......
  6. One of the best explanations I ever read..... Thanks for write this.
  7. Fritzew

    dwg import

    The best one in my opinion for Delphi: CAD VCL
  8. Fritzew

    Include unused class and its RTTI in the executable

    Simply call [TYourClass].ClassInfo somewhere in the application or in the initialization of the implementing Unit. Should be enough
  9. for me: C:\Program Files (x86)\ModelMakerTools\ModelMaker\11.11.0\bin
  10. Fritzew

    MMX for Delphi 10.3 Rio

    Yes ist must be the last unit, but the real problem is the IDE not finding the correct Unit....... We should not need a third-party tool for these kind of functionality. It should be work out of the Box, that's the reason for a IDE!!!
  11. You are right, this is not possible, and the main problem in these case is the IDE and OTA. Should work independent from the themes
  12. If it is the distance you are looking for, I don't think presorting are really faster as calculate the distance direct. from my experience presorting is in the most cases slower. But it depends. If the Data is more or less static then maybe presorting will win. in other cases Use Hypot to calculate the distance. for point in Pointlist do begin dist := Hypot(checkx-point.x, checky-point.y); if dist < checkdist then ..... end; Hypot is very fast You can also use a parallel Loop in this case
  13. Fritzew

    Debug High DPI

    finale it is now possible to debug High-DPI problems in Rio, you can have two settings for the same program one with and one without a HighDpi Manifest. These makes it really easy to debug... Thanks Embarcadero, for me this is one of the best news about Rio!
  14. Fritzew

    GExperts 1.3.12 beta for Delphi 10.3 Rio available

    Disabling this two options helps, but only after close and restart Rio
  15. Fritzew

    Found the cause of the AV on exiting the Delphi IDE

    Works well now, compiled for XE7, Tokio and Rio