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  1. LarsGP

    Windows Dayligthsaving problem

    Just discovered a new problem: I checked a few files that were present when we went into summer-time (daylight saving time) recently, and they matched the NTFS-FAT32 explanation. (NTSF-files changed timestamp, FAT32-files did not) I then used Windows to copy a file from a NTSF-disk to a FAT32 disk. The copy ended up having the same time-info as the original, as displayed by windows. I struggle to write code that compensates for both scenatios, and would appriciate advice. Lars
  2. LarsGP

    Windows Dayligthsaving problem

    Thank you Uwe, that makes sense.
  3. Hi All In my system Windows treats file timstamps differently depending on the drive concerned: On the permanent, built-in drives (here c:\ and d:\), one hour is added to every file timestamp when we pass from winter to summer, but on any USB-drives this does not happen. Does anybody know if this behavior can be counted on? Regards Lars
  4. LarsGP

    Delphi 5 Printing

    Had the same problem, solved it by selecting a different printer, that appeared in my printers list, when I installed my new HP-deskjet printer. Printer name is "HP Smart Printing". I selected that printer as default.