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  1. kaarigar

    Async dialog on android?

    My apologies - your response is perfect for the question I asked. However I made a mistake in typing - I was really interested in modal dialogs - which are sync dialogs. I was confused at the time of posting and I must have confused you!
  2. kaarigar

    Async dialog on android?

    Thanks for the suggestion. I have been using forms for this purpose as you suggest on Windows platform. I will do the same in this case too - but I was curious because sync dialogs are supported on other platforms. Btw, I gave wrong subject heading to my post - it should have been “Modal dialogs in android”, and not async dialog. Sorry for the confusion.
  3. kaarigar

    Async dialog on android?

    This code shows async dialog. I need sync or modal dialog on android. Documentation says that the modal dialogs are not supported on android and was looking for a work around way or technique to have it on android.
  4. kaarigar

    Async dialog on android?

    Is there any way to have async dialogs on android platform? I am using Alexandria.
  5. kaarigar

    Copy deployment across platforms

    Thanks, I will check it out.
  6. kaarigar

    Copy deployment across platforms

    Thanks - that is what I ended up doing. I should perhaps set up tje All Configuration as yiu suggest. But then the question what gets precedence - All Configuration or individual specific platform configuration.
  7. I am rebuilding an old multi-device application in Delphi Alexandria. The target was android-32. Now I want to build it for android-64. I have added several files to android-32 like splash screen, data files, multimedia files, etc. etc. that I want them to be added to the android-64 platform. Is there any way to copy all relevant the deployment settings (Project->Deployment) from android-32 to android-64. How can I have them copied to the android-64 target platform? Thank you for your response!