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  1. Great post! I THINK the reason why the Position is necessary is actually that you can put multiple ZIP archives into the same stream and it always has to point to the start when you load a TZipFile instance from a stream.
  2. Holger Flick


    It is, because with software people always expect to get things cheaper and with discounts. Other things are just being paid for. I'll get out of this thread. I also think the initial question has been answered. Aurelius is a commercial alternative that offers a free-version without source that will help to get a better impression of the product.
  3. Holger Flick


    So if you go into a restaurant you ask if you can pay less to pay for your meal? That makes no sense.
  4. Holger Flick


    I would rather have a lot of things, but that's simply not how you can put food on the table.
  5. Holger Flick


    Have you looked at TMS Aurelius? https://www.tmssoftware.com/site/aurelius.asp
  6. You fixed the mistake. I was unclear if you were right, and then I was not able to understand how it should have worked. After the fix, I understand the code.
  7. Remy, shouldn't it be Timer1.Enabled := False; in Timer1Timer? Otherwise, I do not understand how this code works. Example has been very helpful as I did it wrong as well so far!
  8. Holger Flick

    What to do with unsupported components?

    (I apologize as I did not see the posts initially that suggest exactly the same approach!) Add the DLL as a resource into the exe and extract it into the user directory etc. when it does not exist on the system. So the customer still deploys only an exe file... You could even do that for many files that you zip and then put as a resource into your exe. RCDATA makes this very easy and there are functions in the RTL (SysUtils if I am not mistaken). Furthermore, Delphi RTL now has ZIP included that will also allow for the zip approach. Is it crazy, yes, but it will make the customer happy and you can use a more recent version of Delphi.
  9. Holger Flick

    What is the fastest way to check if a file exists?

    That's why I consider your classes also part of the framework 🙂
  10. Holger Flick

    Rio 10.3.1 IDE Compiler Error

    Then, you should not have referred to that bug report if you are not certain what causes the error. Sadly, without producing a test-case, you will never get a resolution. This is sadly the case for commercial and open-source products. It is painful, I agree, if a new version introduces unforeseen issues. Again, there is a formal definition of a showstopper in QA. The term does not refer to your (or anybody's) ability to use the product or not.
  11. Holger Flick

    What is the fastest way to check if a file exists?

    It also helps with code-compatibility long-term. If MS makes changes to the API, Embarcadero will amend the VCL/RTL accodingly. If you call the API directly, it will not work after that change. You use the framework, it'll be good long-term.
  12. Holger Flick

    Delphi 10.3.1 IDE Favourites no longer working??

    Switch to Daniel Wolf's wuppdi welcome page. Much lighter and structured and allows categories for favorites...
  13. Holger Flick

    Rio 10.3.1 IDE Compiler Error

    This does not qualify as a showstopper. You might feel like it, but it is not. Especially as the error seems to be only appearing in certain situations, and it seems to be avoidable if you compile without the IDE. In order to go ahead with your project, I would suggest to put the problematic class in a separate bpl and compile it using the command line. Then you can continue daily work inside of the IDE.
  14. Holger Flick

    What is the fastest way to check if a file exists?

    Using classes or records from a framework is too easy 🙂
  15. What kind of application do you want to develop (platform/device)? TMS has component wrappers for Geocoding using the Google API which is available for many platforms.