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  1. ginnix

    Delphi 11 for iOS 16 ?

    I am using 11.2 and XCode 14 beta 6 and have successfully submitted my program to the app store. Just waiting for review and hopefully it gets accepted. Note: This is on Ventura Beta. Thanks
  2. ginnix

    MacOS: How to remove ambiguous Developer ID certificates?

    You can delete them using keychain on your Mac.
  3. ginnix

    Saving records

    Hi All, I have this record Type type TCustomer= record CompanyName:String[255]; SpotsAllocated:Integer; LicensePlates:String[255]; Parked:string[255]; end; var myFile:File of TCustomer; CompanyDataBase:array[1..100] of TCustomer; To save the information once the record is populated I use AssignFile(F, 'c:\tmp\test.txt'); Rewrite(F); for i := Low(CompanyDataBase) to High(CompanyDataBase) do Write(F, CompanyDataBase); CloseFile(F); This seems to work, I can see the data in the text file. My problem is reading this back. I am stuck on how to read the data back into the program. Any tips appreciated. Thanks
  4. ginnix

    iOS, Metal, Bitmaps, RGB becomes BGR?

    There seems to be a problem with Skia and GlobalUseMetal under ios when you use both in a project. The problem happens when you send the image to the photos app. if not TPlatformServices.Current.SupportsPlatformService(IFMXPhotoLibrary, Service) then exit; Service.AddImageToSavedPhotosAlbum(Image1.Bitmap); The colors are wrong when you view the bitmap in Photos Thanks
  5. ginnix

    iOS, Metal, Bitmaps, RGB becomes BGR?

    It does not seem to work with the CameraComponent. When I use Skia all the colors are wrong. When I disable Skia everything works.
  6. ginnix

    iOS app can’t start on iPhone

    Make sure you have set all the right permissions for your app.
  7. ginnix

    iOS, Metal, Bitmaps, RGB becomes BGR?

    I download version 3 and everything is working. Is there an example on how to move a Timage to the Skia canvas? Thanks for this great software 🙂
  8. ginnix

    iOS, Metal, Bitmaps, RGB becomes BGR?

    I used the Getit Package manager to install Skia. When I use GlobalUseSkia:=true I get [DCC Error] MultiPic.dpr(31): E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'GlobalUseSkia' Thanks
  9. ginnix

    iOS app can’t start on iPhone

    When you use Xcode to test, make sure you turn off "Automatically manage signing" under Signing & capabilities. Then see if you get any errors.
  10. ginnix

    iOS app can’t start on iPhone

    That happened to me, I found out the provisioning file was incorrect. I deleted and created new provisioning information and everything started working properly. The best way to test is to create an dummy Xcode project with your Bundle identifier and certificate and see if it works in Xcode.
  11. ginnix

    IOSSimulator Delphi 11

    The simulator does not work in Delphi 11, you will need a real device.
  12. ginnix

    Image ios

    I tried cropping but always get the same result, the zoom is not saved.
  13. ginnix

    iOS, Metal, Bitmaps, RGB becomes BGR?

    This is also happening with my app taking photos. When I include Metal support some of the colors are off. When I disable it, the color are right. Thanks
  14. ginnix

    Image ios

    Hi All, I am developing a small app for ios. I have an image that I zoom in with this code. LImageCenter := ImgCameraView.Position.Point + PointF(ImgCameraView.Width / 2, ImgCameraView.Height / 2); ImgCameraView.Width := CamWidth*Zoom; ImgCameraView.Height := CamHeight*Zoom; ImgCameraView.Position.X := lImageCenter.X - ImgCameraView.Width / 2; ImgCameraView.Position.Y := LImageCenter.Y - ImgCameraView.Height / 2; The problem I am having is, when I save the image the zooming is ignored and the original image is saved. How do I save the image with the zooming effect? Thanks