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  1. There are vacancies for a Delphi programmer in my country, but there are low salaries and old versions of Delphi. Mostly version 7, almost no companies using 10.x or 11
  2. No problem with Getit and Windows 11 Edit: Here maybe
  3. tgbs

    Problem with column names in dbgrid

    TDBgrid. Problem is in Vcl.Grids
  4. If there is an invisible column, the name of the next column that is not fully visible is not drawn If Second column is visible = false then This can be seen in the design time as well Delphi Alexandria with the update
  5. tgbs

    App for docker

    ok Thank You
  6. tgbs

    App for docker

    I read from web that Linux service are created via Fork() . But this cannot be used in linux containers. Because engine look for master pid and finish execution if it stopped. Is there any skeleton of such a program. I will use the application in a docker, which will be accessed through Nginx.
  7. Are these comports real rs232 or are they on USB? If they are via USB I would look at the Power settings.
  8. tgbs

    Download upgrade from 11.0 to 11.1

    Is there only an update / patch or do I need a complete installation?
  9. tgbs

    Debug ISAPI on Windows 11

    The problem is only with Windows 11. And I don't understand why I have to try to get around the problem. Besides, as I wrote, it is not only with IIS but also with Datasnap
  10. tgbs

    Debug ISAPI on Windows 11

    Nothing in central I will try of course, but it is not so easy
  11. tgbs

    Using COM to update Word docx files

    CreateOleObject('com.sun.star.ServiceManager'); Read here
  12. I thought GExpert could handle that. We have our find / replace utility
  13. How to find in DFM caption like that "Булстат" ? DFM is text but text is Caption = #1041#1091#1083#1089#1090#1072#1090 Thanks
  14. tgbs

    docwiki.embarcadero.com is not working

    This too https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-37004