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  1. Albion

    Calculation problem

    Good afternoon, I encountered such a problem, when executing a python script, the calculations are not written to the output fields, and therefore cannot go further, since they take values from them. Can anyone tell me what I did wrong?
  2. Albion

    Testing with python

    Hello, thanks for your help. I also wanted to clarify whether it is possible to initialize Delphi procedures. For example, I have a Button1.click procedure, is it possible to initialize and run it using a Python script?
  3. Albion

    Testing with python

    Good day everyone! I have a question. Perhaps someone has already experienced this. I have a ready-made program on Delphi. And I need to initialize and execute all the functions of this program using a Python script. Is it possible to accomplish this task only with the help of TPytnon components? Without adding memos and other things as shown in the demo programs. Just run the script and get the result. Maybe someone can help with this question. I would be very grateful for any help. Thanks for attention.
  4. I want to learn all these questions your named to me. However now I'd like to know how to use a python module from Delphi and how to use Delphi from python.I will be incredibly grateful to you, if you could help me with these.
  5. Good afternoon, I wanted to know if it is possible to get some information about Python4Delphi, except for two webinars, maybe there are some books, video tutorials, analyzes of all this. I really liked the ability to use Python in Delphi, but as I'm still new to this business, it's quite difficult for me to figure it out without instructions / tutorials / books. If you have the opportunity to share something that may be useful in the study of this topic, I will be incredibly grateful to you.