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  1. Der schöne Günther

    How to optimize exe loading times

    A "profiler" does exactly just that. Have you fed "delphi profiler" into a search engine of your choice?
  2. Der schöne Günther

    looking for animated 3D lettering

    A TWebBrowser? 😶
  3. Der schöne Günther

    Crash starting delphi 10.4.3

    My 10.4 informed me on the start/welcome page as soon as the update was available. Also, I think the primary place to look for things should be the https://my.embarcadero.com/
  4. Der schöne Günther

    Does C++ Builder have code completion?

    I'm looking forward to trying it out again in the near future. Binary compatibility with Delphi is still something no other product offers.
  5. Der schöne Günther

    Welcome, users of C++Builder

    Suggestion to move the following threads there Does C++ Builder have code completion? - Offtopic - Delphi-PRAXiS [en] What's the correct way to free an object in C++Builder? - GExperts - Delphi-PRAXiS [en] Update: C++Builder and Platforms Support - Cross-platform - Delphi-PRAXiS [en]
  6. Der schöne Günther

    WinUI in Delphi (planned for 10.5?)

    Very true. The same applies to Embarcadero. If 64 Bit or DPI scaling is so easy, then why does their own IDE not support it yet? Microsoft already uses, for example, WebView2 in Outlook and others, but I have yet to see other new controls in office products. To be fair, WinUI is still in preview.
  7. Der schöne Günther

    WinUI in Delphi (planned for 10.5?)

    As far as I understand WinUI 3, it will be a UI library, independent of the application mode (Win32 or UWP). The RAD Studio November 2020 Roadmap PM Commentary (embarcadero.com) states (emphasis by me) As far as I understand, this sounds especially like XAML Islands, and I suppose this is also what the component WinRT (winsoft.sk) does. Here is the description from Microsoft Source: WinUI (microsoft.github.io) I am really looking forward to this. One downside is that XAML Islands were introduced in Windows 1809, but only in beta. It is officially supported from 1903 on. We are deploying devices with the latest Windows LTSC branch, which is 1809. I have talked to Microsoft developers about this, and while it should work on 1809, there might be issues, and I should not expect workarounds or patches. Let's see how this goes...
  8. Der schöne Günther

    Setting Scroll Bar Width problem

    You can make those buttons do what you want, which includes "Page up" or "page down". To be honest, I remember that being a bit tricky. I should be able to access that projects source in a few hours (in case no one else has a solution at hand).
  9. Der schöne Günther

    Setting Scroll Bar Width problem

    I still don't quite understand why you're marking it so hard. You said your primary audience is using touch. Why don't you just place some big buttons right next to the DBGrid?
  10. Der schöne Günther

    Setting Scroll Bar Width problem

    I also tried something like this in the past. We dropped it, because it was a bad idea after all, even for a kiosk application like ours. Yes, it takes time. Sometimes, even other 3rd party application would completely lock up. I would strongly recommend to drop this approach. It will take a bit of work to roll your own scrollbar (for a general TWinControl, and maybe a TDBGrid), but you will end up with something that fully suits your needs and can be customized to run differently in Touch and in Desktop mode.
  11. Der schöne Günther

    Find UDP Server

    UDP has a BroadCast(..) method https://stackoverflow.com/a/7424793/2298252
  12. Der schöne Günther

    Using the New Edge browser control

    For your information: WebView2 is now out of preview: Announcing Microsoft Edge WebView2 General Availability - Microsoft Edge Blog (windows.com) Instead of using the runtime (or an installed beta version), it can now also leverage a new "fixed version" (previously called "bring-your-own") which is new and in preview.
  13. Der schöne Günther

    Initialization of returned managed types

    I don't have the source at hand, but Embarcadero said that is is "too difficult" to fix, because the initialization of that variable takes place in another compiler code part that actually doesn't know how the variable is used. There is, however, absolutely no excuse that there is no compiler warning. Embarcadero itself stumbles upon these uninitialized return values. Here's an example: [RSP-18300] TJson.Format() outputs invalid JSON - Embarcadero Technologies
  14. Der schöne Günther

    general question about embedding docs in an app

    This might come across as ignorant and disdainful, but I never understood why one should pick self-created html renderers above a "true" webbrowser that certainly supports a wider range of HTML/CSS (and JavaScript)?
  15. Der schöne Günther

    general question about embedding docs in an app

    I don't quite understand where sqlite comes into play. What did you have in mind? I have been using the TWebBrowser to display rich help documents for a few years now, and it works very well. However, there was never a need to run a full server behind it, I am just displaying local files. This way, the content can easily be changed / updated by our service personal, or even the client himself (for example, when not happy with a translation).