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  1. Der schöne Günther

    Do bug fix patches really require active subscription?

    I think this used to be different. But judging from Lars' screenshot, it really looks like this is the current implementation:
  2. Der schöne Günther

    Strange message from Seattle

    That is because the IDE uses an embedded Internet explorer control to display web content from Embarcadero.com. Whenever there's something from with scripts or certificates on their end, error messages will be displayed on your computer.
  3. Der schöne Günther

    Find exception location from MAP file?

    We just set System.ExceptObjProc (and one or two others, I think) to point to our own exception handler and acquire a textual representation of the callstack with FastMM_Fulldebugmode.dll. Never saw the need for additional tools like Eurekalog or MadExcept. As far as I recall, precompiled FastMM dll internally uses JCL for looking up the .map file, but can be recompiled to use Eureka or MadExcept as well.
  4. Der schöne Günther

    TestInsight 1.2 released

    Awww, yuss! 🥳
  5. Der schöne Günther

    macbook pro M1, running Delphi IDE

    Here you go: Has anyone tried running Delphi on Windows ARM? - Delphi IDE and APIs - Delphi-PRAXiS [en] (delphipraxis.net) Can't blame you for not finding it, the forums search returns nothing on entering terms like "M1" or "ARM"
  6. Der schöne Günther

    Display Componant like Gauges Led and Graphic for Delphi FMX

    You are right that it can be used for commercial products: But the page you used correctly says: So yes, I may still charge money for the software I sell ("commercial"), but I will have to make all of my source code (not just yours) available to everybody. See here (in French): Licence publique générale GNU — Wikipédia (wikipedia.org)
  7. Der schöne Günther

    Display Componant like Gauges Led and Graphic for Delphi FMX

    It's the "license" page straight from his Github repo, I posted the link above. An even more colourful overview is provided by tldrlegal.com: GNU General Public License v3 (GPL-3) Explained in Plain English - TLDRLegal
  8. Der schöne Günther

    Display Componant like Gauges Led and Graphic for Delphi FMX

    Looks really nice. But are you sure about the GPL license?
  9. Der schöne Günther

    compiling DCU without creating EXE

    This is also one of the things that bugs me most. There must be a way to speed this up. You just change one line of code and then have to stare at your screen for 15 seconds because everything must be linked again.
  10. Yes, I had seen that, and it looks incredibly capable and powerful. If I had a use case, I would certainly try it out. I was just trying to say that, unless you already had completely platform and UI-independent Pascal code (and a use case for it), I don't really see what you would use it for. A bit like a solution, still looking for a problem.
  11. Der schöne Günther

    Has anyone tried running Delphi on Windows ARM?

    Can you confirm it cannot only build projects but also debug them?
  12. A lot of Delphi code (at least the one I deal with) is often plagued by VCL or Windows platform dependencies. Not going to run in a browser anyway.
  13. Der schöne Günther

    Build managed dll in Delphi

    Why not stick with a native dll and use that from .net? Platform Invoke (P/Invoke) | Microsoft Docs
  14. Der schöne Günther


    I assume "I get an OS error" means "CreateProcess(..) returns false and GetLastError() will then return ERROR_ELEVATION_REQUIRED". Is that correct? If so, it appears that CreateProcess(..) cannot be used to automatically handle the UAC prompt and everything beyond that for you. Use ShellExecute(..) instead. (Source: Using the ElevateCreateProcess Fix | Microsoft Docs)
  15. Der schöne Günther

    changing inherited control

    I might be missing something, but if you need to do that, why are you omitting the override; behind your declaration?