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  1. WalkingAway


    Not about Marshmallow, but .... Looking for some "dynamic" ORM. Makes it sense? Have some DB Wizard for adding columns "on the fly" (usable in reports, for example) But in ORM universe I have no idea how to do that. Thanks
  2. WalkingAway

    Odd behaviour - LIstbox.OnClick and ShowMessage

    Thank you. Yes I intend to use dmAutomatic (as I need to move items inside that listbox), but (also) I don't want such behaviour after OnClickMethod. I think this code begin ShowMessage('Bla bla'); ListBox1.EndDrag(False); end; cover all my needs, at least so far I see what I intend top see. Let's see what happens when I implement actual drag/drop functionality. Thank you.
  3. WalkingAway

    Odd behaviour - LIstbox.OnClick and ShowMessage

    So, after that ( if Listbox1.DragMode = dmAutomatic ): procedure TForm6.ListBox1Click(Sender: TObject); begin ShowMessage('Bla bla'); end; you can see what happens. Thank you.
  4. Is to make sense not to use ShowMessage inside OnClick event due to mouse cursor hang? My event works pretty well until I decided to add ShowMessage inside. After that cursor over listbox has "crossed out circle" and I have to click on listbox to get it normal. But that click itself seems not to work also. It's only happens when listbox.DargMode = dsAutomatic. Why?