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  1. Hi Roger, I though it's not possible to perform unit test for Classic compiler. That is the reason why I choosed DUnit. I tried to open your link https://wordpress.com/post/cigolblog.wordpress.com/409 But it didn't work. The Page I got, wanted me to login for creating Web page using wordpress. Could you please actualise the link? Thank you Best regards. Camilo.
  2. Hi Roger, sorry for the Delay. I didn't give you the feed-back. The solution you proposed me on April 13 could be applied succesfuly. I am now writing some simple unit-Test. And there are working. Please, do you know where I can get more information about Unit testing usind DUnit for C++ Builder? Else I will still need to ask you every time many question. You are the only person I found in the web dealing with C++ Builder. There too much help for Delphi with Pascal, but not for C++ Builder. I am also trying to mock some methodes to perform more complex tests. But I don't know how to proceed. Please do you have any Idea? Or where can I find information about that? Thank you very much in advance. Best regards
  3. Hi Roger, Thanks for help. I added the *.cpp modules. I also had to add all the *.cpp module of the whole project. When I compiled, I got the message (translation of german to english) Faltal error: too little memory. Please do you know how I can solve this problem? Thank you. Best regards.
  4. I am working on an big project developped in C++Builder, that is using Classic compiler for Win32 plattform. This project has many modules (that have their own folder). It has also many Lib directories. When I build this Project, there is no problem. I am trying now to test one module. For that, I created firs an unit test project then created an unit test cpp. On this stage, when I compiled my unit test project, every things was fine. Then I included in the unit test cpp the header file of the module (class) under test, so that I would be able the call the methodes of the class under test. When I compiled my unit test project on this stage, I got bug notification: The header files that are included in the header file of the class under test cannot be opened. I tried also to include the root folder of the whole project (in the include path option) in the unit test project. I still have the same problem. I don't know what to do know. Cann some one help please? Thanks!
  5. Thanks! I will do that.
  6. Thank you very much for your Answer. I already tried to use DUnit for my C++ Builder. But I got some problems when compiling the Tests: My project couldn't file the include files anymore. But when I compile my project without DUnit Test, my project can find its inluded files. I couldn't find any support for that problem. This is why I am trying the only alternative I heard about: googletest for C++ Unit test.
  7. Hi I am trying to use Googletest for my project write in C++Builder. We are using the classic compiler for Win32. I could see some help for the Clang compiler win64. But it doesn't help for classic compiler. I already install Googletest using the GetIt Package. Please how to continue, to integrate googletest in my project so that I can start unit test. Tanks. Best regards.