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  1. I've created an updated, more modern, official page for CoCa with all the information (also with a link to this thread): https://www.hugorodriguez.com/blog/coca-icc-color-camera-calibrator/
  2. Thanks Joseph, your message is really useful. Although I don't have knowledge of Delphi nor Python I understand that porting the code can be a good idea, not just for its technical advantages but because of the highly spreaded knowledge out there, and finding people interested in this project is the key to make it survive. There aren't free softwares (Gui based) to make ICC color profiles out there and keeping the only alternative is important. As you said, CoCa is simply a GUI that builds a command line to use to call a C++ program, Argyll, that indeed does all the work. So, wouldn't it be so hard to port, right? Another question for you experts: I know there are many languages out there. For this simple GUI program, what language could be the best choice to port to if the main goals are: - free or cheap license to program it - easy to contribute by several people - maybe easy to compile to Mac & Linux?
  3. ok, thanks for your point. The project is as-is. I didn't created it, jut trying to keep it alive.
  4. I think you didn't read my message above where I list the components needed... There you can see where you can find that component: Precision Language Suite (free version) - http://www.be-precision.com/products/precision-langs
  5. Then you know a lot more than me. But yes, as it relies on Argyll and this program works with command line it makes sense. I was told this by the author: For building CoCa I used some additional free and non-free components. I list them below: Free additional components: PJShellFolders - http://sunsite.icm.edu.pl/delphi/d10free/pjshfldr.htm Precision Language Suite (free version) - http://www.be-precision.com/products/precision-langs/ Carbonsoft cxDrive v.1.0 - https://torry.net/files/vcl/filedrv/driveinformation/cxdrive1_r1005.zip Non-free components: TMS Components - https://www.tmssoftware.com ImageEn https://www.imageen.com Also, to create MS Windows installer I used Inno Setup – a free package that you can download from https://jrsoftware.org Great to know. something to consider indeed! Well, the UI with all those 'floating' buttons and all that to my taste is something more of old desing from the 2000s. I'd prefer a more slick design without bells and whistles. If it's a tiny program, requires an expensive license to develop and can be translated to a cheaper and more spread language, translating it is something to consider... But... what language could be better. What's the main point of the main languages out there? What are their advantages and drawbacks? What's an SCM? I guess S for source and C for Code... Thanks for the kind help!
  6. Hi. Yes, I was aware but I just uploaded the HTML and did not have time to update it and upload the files somewhere. Now is updated and with working links. Thanks for the explanation. Although I'm don't have knowledge in programming, I still remember BASIC from my Spectrum 48K and a few visual basic that I learnt many years ago, so I got the joke. Anyway as I explained, I was told that, not my words. I don't know what's Github, but if you explain me a bit I'm wide open to collaborating work. I was told that Delphy programming requires a quite expensive license (around 3000€). Is that true? Thanks!
  7. Yes, it is available, but not yet. I have the files but all together and I'm still waiting for some explanation about what the source code files are. [update] I just uploaded the files and updated the links.
  8. Hi there, This is my first message here. I'm here because I have been given all the resources of an open-source project called CoCa (ICC Color Camera Calibrator) which is a software that makes ICC color profiles for cameras and scanners. His author is getting old and cannot continue it so I want to continue. My problem is that I know nothing about Delphi nor programming (other than BASIC that I learnt as a child with my Spectrum 48K) but I do know about camera profiling and color management. This is the original webpage of the project (cloned into my server) so you can see how it looks and works. https://www.hugorodriguez.com/calibracion/coca_web/coca_page.html I'm looking for someone that loves photography and digital imaging and delphy to continue this project. I've been told that a good step would be to convert this code to python or other language that doesn't need so much text (as delphy) to make it more easier to work, but these are not my words so I cannot say. Please if anyone likes this and want to help to this open-source project, contact me. Best regards, Hugo Rodriguez