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  1. Martyn Spencer

    ICS registration

    I don't currently use ICS but was wondering about the SSL components. The ReadMeIcsSslSrc.txt implies that there is a fee to use it. Can you confirm what it is, please? It is not overly clear to me on the web site. Many thanks.
  2. Martyn Spencer

    Unreliable connection to remote MS SQL Server database

    Thanks Lars.
  3. Martyn Spencer

    Unreliable connection to remote MS SQL Server database

    Thanks for the feedback.
  4. Martyn Spencer

    Unreliable connection to remote MS SQL Server database

    I have done some testing and the unreliability is server-side. I would still be quite happy to hear the best way to configure FireDAC to connect to SQL server, ideally directly if possible.
  5. Hi. I am not overly familiar with SQL server but need to extract some data on a reasonably regular basis. I planned to do this using FireDAC. The providers of my client's CRM have given me read only access to their database. Connecting to the server using FireDAC is proving inconsistent. It will connect on occasion and then not on others. Checking the FireDAC log, I see the below information and wondered if it is likely to be related to the problem - specifically the driver version being 10 and the server 14. Interestingly, FireDAC appears to find a driver version 11 but does not use it. Is anyone able to assist? Thanks. Checking session ... Warning: The client [] and server [] major versions difference > 1. Warning: SQL Server 2016 and compatibility level >= 130 may lead to DATETIME comparision failure. Current catalog = Current schema = dbo Driver name = SQLSRV32.DLL Driver version = 10.00.17134 Driver conformance = 3 DBMS name = Microsoft SQL Server DBMS version = 14.00.3048
  6. Martyn Spencer

    Firedac and SQL Server DB with "." in name

    Brilliant. Thanks Dmitry.
  7. Martyn Spencer

    Firedac and SQL Server DB with "." in name

    Thanks Eli. I'll give that a go. My understanding was that when [ ] brackets were used, almost anything could be contained within them. I did try some basic playing around with quotes and brackets but none of my attempts proved successful. I'll monitor the connection to the DB and see what FireDAC is submitting to the DB, if I can.
  8. Martyn Spencer

    Firedac and SQL Server DB with "." in name

    I am using Delphi 10.2 and I have been given a database to connect to and I have no control over its name. It is in the format xxxx.yyyy and when I create the connection definition, all is good and I can connect. I am specifying the database as xxxx.yyyy and setting the other various parameters appropriately (the same as I do for other databases). I can use the SQL tool in the connection editor to query the tables just fine. I create a simple TFDQuery consisting of a basic "select * from table" and when I attempt to run it, I am told that database xxxx is not in the list of valid servers and it should be added to sys.servers using sp_addlinkedserver. Clearly, what Firedac is passing to SQL server leads SQL server to interpret the xxxx as a server name. I have tried "select * from tablename", "select * from dbo.tablename", "select * from [xxxx.yyyy].tablename", "select * from [xxxx.yyyy].dbo.tablename" and other variations and still it refuses to work. I am setting no specific values for the components - I create the definition in the data explorer, test that it connects, test that I can use the "SQL script" tab to run various SQL statements. I then drag one of the tables onto the form designer (a quick test) and try to run the query and it fails with the message: "Could not find server 'xxxx' in sys.servers. Verify that the correct server name was specified. If necessary, execute the stored procedure sp_addlinked server to add the server to sys.servers". I have tried removing the database name from the connection definition, in the hope that the default database has been set - this does not work. Any suggestions, please? I am unable to request that the database name be changed.