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  1. OlliWW

    XCode 12 compile error

    I finally found a workarround, no true solution, because the cause of the issue is still unknown but after hours of testing and debugging: I added a new windows user to my machine (lokal user with lokal administrator rights [don't know if that is necessary, since the old user is also an administrator]). With this new user i can compile and pack my ipa-file and everything works as expected. so i think there's something in the users-profile which causes this issue. Since i deleted every "delphi"-directory before reinstalling it can't be any file related stuff. maybe some path variables? some user rights?
  2. OlliWW

    XCode 12 compile error

    Hi, I am having the same issues: - Delphi 10.4.1 - December Patch applied - XCode 12.2 - MacOS Catalina - Installed new PAServer on MacOS - Deleted "scratch-dir" from PAServer - Deleted iOS SDK in Delphi - Reimported iOS SDK But when i build an iOS App for Release, i also get only "EXPORT SUCCEEDED" and "Failed". Thats very anoying 😞 Some additional informations: My project is under version control. I checked it out on two different windows machines. Both running the same delphi (10.4.1. all patches applied). Both machines use the same MacBook with the same PAServer. Both Delphi's have the same settings when it comes to the provisioning profiles etc. Machine 1: everything works like expected Machine 2: error "export succceed" So my conclusion is: there must be a difference in the delphi installation Update: On the machine that isn't working i also did a complete reinstall of delphi and all of its components. I deinstalled delphi, deleted all remaing folders (documents, programmData,...) and also deleted all registry keys. After that i did a fresh install of delphi 10.4..1 and installed all the patches: the result is the same: it didn't work.