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  1. That's a helper method name worthy of Java! Also, what I took from the Woll2Woll article was a bit of a surprise that there's no built-in cross-platform way to send an email with FireMonkey.
  2. Joseph MItzen

    Passing back a string from an external program

    It's not so simple in Delphi though.
  3. Joseph MItzen

    Passing back a string from an external program

    Thank you; I'm reading this on a Linux box and thought I was missing something for a second. "Write programs to handle text streams, because that is a universal interface." - Peter H. Salus, "A Quarter-Century of Unix" Now, the question is how to handle this with Delphi... Delphi has never gained a simple solution for calling programs and getting the text results back, which is a weird and glaring omission in my mind. FreePascal has a handful of routines for doing so (some of which work across platforms), Qt has QProcess, etc. There's some information here on FreePascal's TProcess: https://wiki.freepascal.org/TProcess and there's a port of TProcess to Delphi (which I haven't tried): https://github.com/z505/TProcess-Delphi Otherwise, you're left with the somewhat complicated default Delphi way of doing this.... https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9119999/getting-output-from-a-shell-dos-app-into-a-delphi-app
  4. Embarcadero can't fire him; Idera purchased EMBT and he was the person Idera picked to oversee Delphi. I'm not sure this was his idea either. I heard it was Michael Swindell who came up with the Delphi Pro EULA change (as well as the bogus 3 million users figure) and he's not only still there, he's listed as "Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Management". Let's not rule him out as a suspect.
  5. It also doesn't address the fact that Embarcadero service reps are simply outright refusing to do the bumps for those who aren't on current subscription. His "clarification" doesn't address what Embarcadero is actually doing. I'm starting to suspect that this is going to be like the resolution of the Delphi Pro EULA incident, where Embarcadero tried to convince everyone that they never actually made any change. In this case, his clarification is actually a policy reversal and now he's going to tell sales to stop refusing to do the bumps. Then we'll all be told it was never the policy and we just misunderstood. It'll be just like this:
  6. Oh boy, the things I've heard about Packt Publishing. You'd be better off publishing yourself. Their agents work on commission so they'll basically try to talk anyone into writing a book. They'll set impossible deadlines, their editors don't speak English as a first language and will often introduce errors, they ignore the corrections/suggestions of technical editors, etc. They don't do the promotion they promise. And they've been caught before "accidentally" not paying any commission on the book sales generated through a link one could add on one's own blog for readers to buy one's book. I've seen one successful author declare he sold more copies himself than through Packt and when they finally agreed to let him out of his contract due to his allegations they hadn't done what they promised, they still refused to stop selling his book themselves. He then made his book available for free on his webpage to stop them from profiting from his book. It's a horrible, horrible outfit that's little more than a self-publishing firm that takes a large percentage of your sales and does nothing in return.
  7. I asked the Embarcadero IDE team and they said "no". 😈
  8. Joseph MItzen

    RadStudio Roadmap 2019

    "...a single Language Server can be re-used in multiple development tools, which in turn can support multiple languages with minimal effort." In theory it would divorce the Delphi language from the Delphi IDE. This would allow for Delphi code completion and other features to be accessed from tools such as VS Code, Eclipse, Sublime Text and anything else implementing the protocol and enable supporting additional languages in the Delphi IDE. In theory. I can't shake the feeling that Embarcadero will find some way to lock things down. But the idea is really great and I've been advocating for this since the concept was first revealed by Microsoft and Red Hat.
  9. Bump Me Delphi One More Time (Sung to the tune of Baby One More Time) Oh Delphi, Delphi Oh Delphi, Delphi Oh Delphi, Delphi how was I supposed to know That something wasn't right here Oh Delphi, Delphi I shouldn't have nuked Windows And now you're out of sight, yeah Show me how to contact Team B Tell me Delphi 'cause I need to use Project Jedi Your installing is killing me (and I) I must confess I need a bump (need a bump) Using EDN I lose my mind I'm in a bind Bump me Delphi one more time Oh Delphi, Delphi The reason I reinstall? The IDE is locked up Oh 'spensive Delphi There's nothing that I wouldn't pay To get out of this cock-up Show me where to send the money Tell me Delphi 'cause I need to compile, all because Your policies are killing me (and I) I must confess I now believe (now believe) Dropping my subscription wasn't fine Here's dollar signs Bump me Delphi one more time Oh Delphi, Delphi Oh Delphi, Delphi Yeah, Oh Delphi, Delphi how was I supposed to know Oh 'spensive Delphi, that Popov needed the dough I must confess, that Oxygene is looking so good now Don't you know I still believe That I'm screwed and how EDN be kind Bump me Popov one more time Your Code Insight is killing me (and I) I must confess I still believe (still believe) One more squiggly line I'll lose my mind VS' looking fine Bump me Delphi one more time I must confess, that your buggy mess is killing me now Don't you know I'm still locked in I see with clarity Can't wait til FPC reaches feature parity Bump me Delphi one last time
  10. Joseph MItzen

    Delphi compiler need to be opensourced

    No, it hasn't. This is a rhetorical technique invented by Bruce McGee to dismiss any evidence of problems in the Delphi ecosystem. It's also a logical fallacy. Whatever unnamed people may have said about Delphi in another time under different circumstances has no bearing on what actual people are saying about Delphi now under these circumstances. "They laughed at Galileo!" has no bearing on criticism that my new perpetual motion machine can't work. No, it's not "going strong". That's simply factually inaccurate. There exists no quantifiable metric that pegs Delphi as "going strong". On the other hand, every quantifiable metric indicates the opposite. Pascal has long since passed its peak of popularity and it's untenable to argue otherwise. Like Marco Cantu repeatedly stating that he disagrees that the .NET ecosystem is stronger than the Delphi ecosystem, if we don't ever acknowledge the problems we can't find the solutions. Or to quote Saul Alinsky, in order to get to where you're going, you first have to figure out where you are. If Delphi was "going strong", the current owner could just pump $100 million dollars or so into hiring new teams to completely rewrite the desktop compilers, buy JetBrains to get their IDE technology, maybe buy Digia solely to get their engineers' cross-platform GUI expertise, etc. In reality, every realistic conversation about what should be done to Delphi acknowledges they have very limited resources devoted to the product and surely not enough to work on major changes to IDE, compilers and frameworks at the same time. MVP Warren Postma, for instance, has related conversations with the Delphi team in which they privately acknowledged the problems with the IDE parser and that it needs a complete rewrite but management refuses to ok the time to do so. That's the reality we find ourselves in and the reality in which solutions must exist.
  11. Joseph MItzen

    Delphi compiler need to be opensourced

    I would gladly forego the open sourcing if we could just get such a team now.
  12. Joseph MItzen

    Delphi compiler need to be opensourced

    Get-It is the official package manager of Delphi and built into the IDE. Torry has been around forever. Scouring all the open source code repositories looking for a needle in a haystack is a serious drain on time. But I believe my point still stands, because according to this analysis of the 100 most popular languages on Github, Delphi ranks 43rd. It's beaten by ... well, almost every language you've ever heard of. All the time. For everything. Just a few weeks ago I saw an example of someone with a bird feeder. He set up a Raspberry Pi with a camera. His program uses OpenCV to detect motion, then it takes a picture. A Tensorflow deep learning network is then shown the picture and asked to identify the species of bird. The Raspberry Pi then logs the species, time, and how long it stays. I thought this was an absolutely awesome idea. I've also seen someone use the Raspberry Pi, a camera and OpenCV to text his friends when free parking spots open up in front of his apartment so they know they can find a place to park if they want to come over. And of course, I'm working on my secret sports betting AI program to win all the money in the world a project I can't talk about. Well, to start, I want my media player to work on desktop Linux, so that rules out Delphi. I know there's a third party option for this, but I also want it to be open source. There have been several media players over the years written in Python, and several popular music fingerprinting and tagging programs such as Musicbrainz Picard. Also podcast management software such as Gpodder. The latter two have made their tag management code and RSS feed code available as separate open source libraries, which means I could use both and get some solid, well-tested code. As mentioned earlier, this leaves me free to write the new features and ideas I have in mind without having to write all the low-level stuff from scratch. As for speed - exactly how fast does a media player need to be? The last time I had media software that was too slow was when I had an AMD K6-III 450MHz CPU and 256MB RAM. My CD-ripping program took longer to encode files than it did to play them, meaning it would have been quicker to record them onto my MP3 player than wait for them to encode!
  13. Joseph MItzen

    Delphi compiler need to be opensourced

    Oh boy do I have a funny/sad story to tell you. Once upon a time there was certain bug in the Delphi system library regarding regex. Members of the official forum discovered it, diagnosed the cause, and even came up with a small code change that fixed it. Of course, they also created a bug report and included all of this information, including the fix. Several of us grew frustrated that when a bug update or two were released for Delphi this bug still hadn't been fixed (this was back before subscriptions, when you might have to buy a new version to get a bug fix if the short support window ran out before they fixed a bug). Allen Bauer shows up in the forum and some of us ask about this bug. Bauer then requests that we not include any information about what we think might be causing a bug or any possible solutions in the bug report. He says that he wants his newer developers to learn to solve problems on their own and our assistance might also distract them from where a bug really is. We couldn't believe what he was asking. If he wanted to train developers, pair them with a seasoned developer rather than asking us not to try to get bugs fixed as soon as possible! Sigh. I've never in my life seen someone asked to submit less information in a bug report. 😥 So at this point I'm not sure what they might do. When I brought up the fact that the IDE doesn't let you bind your own key choices, David Millington was adamant that I should submit a use case for this "feature". I was incredulous and told him it should be self-obvious why it's a useful feature and how every other IDE in existence lets you do this. He continued to insist that it's always vital to submit a use case. And others could tell you stories of the issues that have been closed as "won't fix" or "by design". I remember Dalija Prasnikar got Marco to re-open several that he'd closed in the past (as far as I know they never actually got fixed though).
  14. Joseph MItzen

    Delphi compiler need to be opensourced

    Is this the right link? I can't find any mention of Pascal or Delphi in the documentation or the example files.
  15. Joseph MItzen

    Delphi compiler need to be opensourced

    This is my take on Kylix. Back then, we were all Windows developers and users. What we wanted was a single button in our Windows Delphi IDE that we could press and get a Linux binary/package version of our Windows program. In fact, we just wanted to be able to run headless/server code on Linux. Instead, what we got was a full Linux IDE (actually the Windows IDE using the WINE Windows compatibility layer project, which was in its infancy at the time) that we had to run on a Linux distro and develop with a new framework. I'd tried desktop Linux back then - no support for my sound card, only 2D support for my video card, and it could only read NTFS and Windows couldn't read or write Linux filesystems (still can't). That meant you could move files into Linux, but once they were in Linux, they were staying there. There was little useful software - I remember complaining on the forum of the vendor of the commercial desktop distro I'd purchased that there was no software. They replied "What do you mean? We have over 5000 packages in our repository." Without missing a beat I replied, "Yeah, and 4000 of them are text editors!" (At least that's what it felt like). No one wanted to use shaky distros running a shaky Windows compatibility layer to run a full IDE to redo our old code in CLX. Linux users didn't want it either. At the time, TrollTech owned the Qt technology Borland was using and they didn't have a free license. This made it hard for Linux users to distribute the code - they'd need to bundle a proprietary binary blob with their otherwise open source software.. Borland's answer was to statically link the library, being oblivious to the fact that static linking is absolutely hated in the Linux community. In the end, Linux users were more busy trying to write software for Linux than worry about cross-platform code and they had gcc and c++ and didn't need/want Kylix. Now fast-forward to today. Cross-platform is the new mandate. Stack Overflow's survey says 55% of professional developers are using Linux or OS X to develop on. Linux desktop distros are simple to install and use, useful and very reliable (heck I'm writing this from one right now). Developers want a version of the Delphi IDE they can run on OS X or Linux. Now what are they offered? A Windows-only IDE with a button to push to get a Linux or OS X binary. No UI either on Linux, just headless code. Whomever owns Delphi seems to always "zig" when they should "zag".