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  1. Joseph MItzen

    Quality Portal going to be moved

    If the only motivation was saving some money they could use an open source alternative, such as https://www.openproject.org/blog/open-source-jira-alternative/ or the brand new https://plane.so/
  2. I would think delivering software and information to customers would be mission-critical infrastructure. Honestly, if you're in charge of a data center, redundancy and failover are basic elements of the job, like making sure a bank account isn't overdrawn is to accounting. Netflix periodically shuts down 10% of its infrastructure to be sure their system is resistant to failure! Just like the old forum used to be made of custom code held together with wire and chewing gum and managed by a volunteer employee in their spare time, it sounds like Embarcadero has one on-premises server for all the Delphi stuff with no failover, geographically-separated redundancy, etc. Given the rock-bottom price of hardware today in addition to the ready availability of cloud virtualization, there's no excuse for not having a physical or virtual standby. On top of that, server problems aren't a sudden development like your severed cable example. Drawing upon what Uwe said, it seems reasonable to conclude they just kept ignoring recurring problems or beating it with a stick until a component failed completely, at which point they ordered a replacement.
  3. Like a lot of stuff at this company, things are probably done a certain way just because they've always been done a certain way by the same people who have worked there since the 80s or 90s.
  4. Don't worry; I figured out where they can get a replacement server!
  5. If they're not going to have any internal redundancy then they should just move to cloud servers.
  6. They did, and Larry Ellison said to try turning the servers off and back on again.
  7. Joseph MItzen

    Font selection for coding

    Well, some of us like to feel fancy when we code!
  8. Joseph MItzen

    Update issue

    He just got 11.3 running; don't frighten him further.
  9. Joseph MItzen

    String literals more then 255 chars

    Now the next step is to get escape characters like \n for a line break!
  10. Joseph MItzen

    String literals more then 255 chars

    Quite possibly. But triple quotes for multiline strings are also in Python. Python gained multiline strings with triple quotes in 2001.
  11. Joseph MItzen

    Querying mvnrepository

    Playwright and Playwright-Python (there are playright bindings for several languages) is fantastic! I believe Microsoft wrote the puppeteer library that automated Edge; the folks who wrote it left that to create playwright, which works with all the major HTML engines and incorporates some nifty features such as automatic waiting for elements. It's well-documented, too. Lots of nice features, including being able to save and load context (to preserve things such as login cookies). Some sample code from a program I wrote that needed to automate some actions with the Internet Archive: Logging in and saving context so I never have to do it again: browser = playwright.firefox.launch() context = browser.new_context() page = context.new_page() page.goto("https://archive.org/") page.get_by_role("link", name="Log in").click() page.get_by_label("Email address").fill("jgm@myself.com") page.get_by_label("Password").fill("**********") page.get_by_role("button", name="Log in").click() context.storage_state(path=STATE_FILE) There's an expect function with optional timeout that can be used to wait for things: page.goto(url) borrow_button = page.get_by_role("button", name="Borrow for 1 hour") expect(borrow_button).to_be_visible(timeout=60000) borrow_button.click() return_button = page.get_by_role("button", name="Return now") expect(return_button).to_be_visible(timeout=60000) And I forgot one of the coolest things - it can run visible or headless. There's a mode you can start it in so that the browser is visible, along with another editing window. Then you can just click and type in the browser window, and the code it would take to replicate those actions appears in the editing window! This is a super-quick way to start a project - no need to start searching through the HTML looking for object names, etc. Just start interacting with the website and all the appropriate code is determined and generated for you. Copy and paste that into your project source code and then tweak as appropriate and you're good to go. There are lots of other nice features including being able to emulate mobile browsers,.
  12. Joseph MItzen

    Current subscription required to download ?

    I've been doing some checking and Microsoft is working on their own package manager, WinGet. It would be nice if Embarcadero supported WinGet or chocolately in the future to assist in automated deploys on PCs or VMs. That's the simplest solution to alleviate users' complaints and remove any support burden Embarcadero feels around hosting install files.
  13. Joseph MItzen

    Current subscription required to download ?

    I hope not, because there's a Smoothless In Delphi Seattle joke in there somewhere.
  14. Joseph MItzen

    Current subscription required to download ?

    Is it really "just", or are they going to try to talk the caller into upgrading/renewing first? Has anyone ever tried it and reported what their experience was? I would imagine the whole point of routing the call through sales would be to try to treat the call as a sales lead rather than a support request. If not, this change doesn't make sense.
  15. Joseph MItzen

    Current subscription required to download ?

    I've not encountered this limited download period with software in recent times. If I buy a game from Steam, I can download it as many times as I want - even the new Baldur's Gate 3, which I hear is over 100GB! If I buy a game from Epic, I can download it again whenever I want - even if Epic no longer sells the game. The same applies to games I buy from GOG. If I buy an e-book from Amazon, I can re-download it whenever I want. Microsoft makes copies of Visual Studio and related tools available from 2013 onward. I can download a copy of the latest Windows ISO whenever I want, even from a non-Windows PC. I can re-download software from JetBrains whenever I want - in fact, they have a tool called Toolbox that handles (re)installation, and you can even download and install all the Jetbrains software you have purchased in one click! They also store your software settings in their cloud with five settings slots so you can even have the desired settings downloaded (say, one slot for PC, one for laptop, etc.). It's the old "like a book" rules too, so there's no installation counter. So I'd say across all different types of software, including development tools, as well as digital media it's not common to not be able to readily re-download something you've already purchased.