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  1. I'm porting to various environments, depending on the need of the application. I am almost finished with a port of a Mac application to Swift (using Xcode). Granted this was more of a rewrite but since our customer requires 64 bit support (so they can deploy to the Mac App Store) and refuses to pay us without 64 bit support so I had no choice. Since from a customers perspective the application is exactly the same I cannot charge for porting, especially since I was the one that convinced the customer to go with Delphi when we started this project two years ago.... I feel like an idiot for having defended Emba/Delphi and now I am paying the price... Other tools (mainly data analysis) I've ported to Python. This was also more of a rewrite and required a completely different mindset. My reservations "Python is just a script language" and "not type safe?" turned out to be completely unfounded; Properly written ("Pythonic") code is beautiful! Third party (open source) availability is simply amazing (micro-service architecture using ZeroMQ). I did briefly consider Lazarus but decided against it. I could not afford to take any risks (swift on Mac OS is basically a given w.r.t. support) and Python runs anywhere. Stubbornly staying with object pascal also "felt" wrong; if the tool/language I trusted and relied upon for 20 years betrayed me I might as well take a deep dive and go in a completely different direction. As a side-note: having seen what modern IDE's can do (Xcode/PyCharm) and what a joy they are to work with I highly doubt Emba will be able to catch up even if they start treating their customers as customers again. I'm not ruling out ever taking a subscription again but it is going to take some really impressive releases and flawless ethical behaviour for Emba to regain my trust.
  2. Same. I've let my subscription expire earlier this year mostly due to the MacOS64 support still not being there and the beyond ridiculous "error insight not supporting the new language features". The current drama with the registration limit confirms that I made the right choice. I am in the process of porting all my current customers applications to other environments and this is costing me a small fortune as I cannot in good conscience bill my customers for that. I really hope to be proven wrong but to be honest I have given up hope.
  3. mmb

    Rio quality disappoint

    I've let my enterprise subscription expire yesterday. It breaks my heart after two decades of working with Delphi but as many others I just lost all confidence in emba/idera. IMHO complaining but at the same time keep paying ridiculously high subscription fee (compared to other development environments) sends them the wrong message. I'll gladly resubscribe if things turn around or when Delphi eventually gets auctioned off to a better care-taker.