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  1. The.Dino

    New GExperts under Delphi 7

    It's attached. I also put a screenshot of what it looks like under Delphi. If you try add any unit to one of uses sections it will be placed in wrong place. TestUnit.pas
  2. The.Dino

    New GExperts under Delphi 7

    Hi, We still use Delphi 7 i in my company and with all new versions of GExperts we have a problem with Uses Clause Manager (and propably with some others functions that modify the code). Delphi 7 doesn't use UTF8 in files but offten may contains charachters which look like UTF8 (are great than 127) for example national signs in comments (in our case, Polish). The changes that were added to UTF8 support for Delphi 8 and up do not work well under previous versions of Delphi (the text is pasted in the wrong place). I fixed it and in the attachment is the patch file. Maybe you will include it in one of the next versions. Thanks GX_OtaUtils.pas.patch