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  1. Hi, I have been developing a server for automating Whatsapp tasks (sending message/ receiving message). Here is the feature list: Sending message to number in contact list or not Tracking sent message status (sent/delivered/viewed/error) Can send both text or image/video/document messages Inbound message notification No template required No sending fee Here is the demo video: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AttbCTDGUJ-LgY07PJaTqzDZ88fU3Q?e=jyMVX1 If anyone would like to buy the source code, please send me a message. I will send the demo application! Sincerely
  2. DelphiRio

    [Source code for sale] Automated Whatsapp server

    If you see you can make it, do it yourself and get profit!!!
  3. DelphiRio

    [Source code for sale] Automated Whatsapp server

    Hi limelect, It is not TInject-Whatsapp-delphi. TInject-whatsapp-delphi exposes Whatsapp API via unpack webpack. Once whatsapp deploys new build, TInject-whatsapp-delphi must be updated to update webpackID, otherwise, it won't work. My solution is simulating user activities to send message (similar to selenium) and read websocket data (decode whatsapp protocol) to receive income message information. So, It works if whatsapp deploys new build
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    [Source code for sale] Automated Whatsapp server

    I have sent the message, please check your inbox!
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    [Source code for sale] Automated Whatsapp server

    I have sent the messages, please check your inbox!
  6. DelphiRio

    [Source code for sale] Automated Whatsapp server

    Hi Miné, I will send you the demo in a few days. Cheer!
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    [Source code for sale] Automated Whatsapp server

    That's right. I'm using CEF4Delphi. The server may stop working if you restart the app. But update for new whatsapp web is easy!
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    Experience/opinions on FastMM5

    There is version of FastMM4 supports NUMA & FPC. Check here: https://github.com/maximmasiutin/FastMM4-AVX
  9. Hi, I'm facing a problem that my app uses a lot of RAM. The main data structure is a tree, it uses TList<T> to hold children (called node). When the app runs, it creates about 3600 nodes. But the memory is 400MB. The InstanceSize of node is about 200 bytes only, the data is not much, about 1KB each node, so it consumes about 4MB. I tested with default memory manager, FastMM4, same result. My question is: is there any tool to show how many object instances in the app (count + memory size)? Thank you
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    Get memory usage information

    Thank you very much. It works!
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    Get memory usage information

    Called FastMM4.CheckBlocksOnShutdown(True) and FastMM4.CheckBlocksOnShutdown(False), nothing happens. My app is well tested and no memory leak!
  12. I would like to draw something like this: Thank you very much
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    Use graphics32 to draw rounded rectange with gradient + border

    @jbWishmaster Thank you very much. @Anders Melander I opened GradSampler, changed the code to: // ... FOutline := RoundRect(FloatRect(20, 20, 200, 200), 3); // ... procedure TFrmGradientSampler.PaintBox32PaintBuffer(Sender: TObject); begin //... Renderer.Filler := nil; Renderer.Color := clRed32; Renderer.PolyPolygonFS(BuildPolyPolyline(PolyPolygon(FOutline), True, 1, jsRound, esRound)); //... end; The border is not RED and larger than 1px (see the screenshot - zoom in version). How to get it draw same to (I mean the border quality) : https://jsfiddle.net/zjLsuavy/ Thank you very much
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    Hook keyboard and mouse

    Try this: https://github.com/JensBorrisholt/Hooks
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    Directions for ARC Memory Management

    IMO EMBT should create a new programming language and put ARC on it