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  1. Aggie85

    ilink64 - Fatal: Error detected (WRI237)

    Howdy Sergio, The solution I wound up with was the worst case but easiest solution instead of wait for a C++ Builder problem answer: 1) Reformat machine, 2) Install latest C++ Builder with all updates. 3) Install components. The issue then went away. I tried reaching out to Embarcadero support / management and their help (if forthcoming) and I never hear back unless they want to sell me something. Hope this helps, Aggie85
  2. Aggie85

    Delphi Android/IOS Apps

    Thanks - I will have a look! All the best, Aggie85
  3. Aggie85

    Delphi Android/IOS Apps

    Howdy All! Since Embarcadero has essentially dropped cross platform support for C++ Builder (no Android / Mac OS / etc), I was curious if anyone could suggest a couple of apps in the Apple/Google app stores that are written in Delphi / FMX. I haven't seen any mobile app written in FMX that are more impressive than the "Flutter/MAUI control" demos from DevExpress / SyncFusion. As soon as my current 18 year project is end-of-lifed at the end of this tourist year, I am going to explore MAUI/Flutter as they are actively developed and supported. All the best, Aggie85
  4. Howdy All! I am trying to build a simple package and I keep getting a " Fatal: Error detected (WRI237)" when trying to link for WIN64. Any idea what is causing this issue / how to fix it ? All the best, Aggie85