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  1. Hi all, I'm trying to find what is the meaning of those and what the compiler does with variables declared with with either [out] or [in], like these: TMyRecord = record [in] SrcPosition: TPoint; [out] DstPosition: TPoint; end; I've been trying to search on google and in the doc, but all I can find is references to the normal in and out keywords. Thanks!
  2. efortier

    Error insight in Rio

    This problem is my main gripe with Rio. And it's not only a cosmetic problem with Error Insight. When I try to refactor and rename a class for example, any function or procedure in a unit past an inline var declaration will not get renamed, which screws up the whole refactoring. And Undo refactoring does not work in this case. In this screenshot of a personal project, I tried to rename "TGameStates" to "TGameStateManager". The class names in green were renamed, the ones in red were not. This seems like a pretty serious bug and while I've been using Delphi since v1.0 and I'm used to this kind of things by now, I am sadden to see something like this not fixed before release. I've been a fan of Delphi forever, and the company I work for has a 5 year plan in place to phase Delphi out and switch to a yet unannounced replacement, and that too makes me sad because we're all sure it'll be Visual Studio and C#.