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  1. Mustafa ֍zgun


    Hi you can try Kastri ShareItems and Delphi - iOS File Storage & Sharing
  2. Mustafa ֍zgun

    Open file dialog in IOS

    Delphi - iOS File Storage & Sharing
  3. Mustafa ֍zgun

    Windows App Store icon sizes - unplated?

    Hi, as an alternative solution, editing AppxManifest.template.xml line from <uap:VisualElements BackgroundColor="#464646" to <uap:VisualElements BackgroundColor="#CCE8FF" worked for my app #CCE8FF is background color of both 44x44.png and 150x150.png Not fully transparent, but better than dark gray
  4. Mustafa ֍zgun

    Just open folder ( Android )

    Hi apps targeting Android 10 and higher are given scoped access into external storage, or scoped storage. Android 11 introduces changes and restrictions to enhance user privacy, including the following: Scoped storage enforcement: Access into external storage directories is limited to an app-specific directory and specific types of media that the app has created. Open files using the Storage Access Framework The SAF includes the following: Document provider: a content provider that lets a storage service, such as Google Drive, reveal the files it manages. A document provider is implemented as a subclass of the DocumentsProvider class. The document-provider schema is based on a traditional file hierarchy, though how your document provider physically stores data is up to you. The Android platform includes several built-in document providers, such as Downloads, Images, and Videos. Client app: a custom app that invokes the ACTION_CREATE_DOCUMENT, ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT, and ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT_TREE intent actions and receives the files returned by document providers. Picker: a system UI that lets users access documents from all document providers that satisfy the client app's search criteria. https://developer.android.com/static/images/providers/storage_picker.svg Access documents and other files from shared storage Sample project Delphi - Android Scoped Storage : Storage Access Framework SAF API
  5. Dear @Rollo62, first couldnt get what you mean and tried Windows regional settings. Later found Delphi unit settings in the bottom. Changed all unit settings from ANSI to UTF8 and all letters appeared correct. Thanks for effective solution. Now main language solved, I'll check multi language solution.
  6. Local letters appear incorrectly when project and device OS (android / ios) different i.e. "ÖöÜü" > "OoUu" "Project > Options > Building > Resource Compiler > Default language" may be solution according to some web resources, but no precise value available. Help page explains: "Default language (-l) Specify the default language. For example, -l409 represents English. See http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms776324.aspx for more information about specifying language identifiers." but aspx site n/a and "-l409" gives no match internet searches (possibly "l" stated instead of "1") Language Identifiers and Locales page states "0x1409" "English New Zealand". Then German value should be 0x0407. Unfortunately Project > Options > Building > Resource Compiler > Default language: 0x0407, 0407, -0x0407, -0407 values did not change anything. Do you think whether any other value works? If it is not the solution, then can you suggest a solution for more languages for future versions? Keeping a table in app and each time application starts, scanning and replacing all object texts and strings TsiLang ANN: Better Translation Manager Any other option supports both android and ios with min. 3 languages?
  7. Mustafa ֍zgun

    Delphi 11.3, Android 13, External Storage Schism

    external store accessed via a URI https://github.com/emozgun/delphi-android-SAF
  8. Mustafa ֍zgun

    App as target via "share"

  9. Mustafa ֍zgun

    How to read Stream(Image) from Parcelable?

    Hi you can also try https://github.com/emozgun/delphi-android-SAF
  10. Mustafa ֍zgun

    iOS File Share With Other Apps

    Delphi - iOS File Storage & Sharing available at https://github.com/emozgun/delphi-ios-file-storage-sharing provided Importing files from other apps part from TMS Software FlexCel iOS Guide and Exporting and Sharing Files To Other Apps from Kastri ShareItems.
  11. Mustafa ֍zgun

    iOS File Share With Other Apps

    Yes many thanks
  12. Mustafa ֍zgun

    iOS File Share With Other Apps

    Very useful knowledge about iOS document sandbox, app folders, importing files from other apps, registering app with iOS, answering to an “Open in” event, iTunes file sharing with UIFileSharingEnabled key available in TMS Software FlexCel iOS Guide and iOS Tutorial topics. However adding file extension keys into Info.plist for iOS registration manually and Exporting files to other apps steps are not explained. Any help shall be appreciated. Also Kastri seems supply support Share Items A more feature-rich alternative for the Share Sheet implementation provided with Delphi, for (Android and) iOS. But couldn't find sample. Can you guide pls?
  13. Mustafa ֍zgun

    Delphi 11.2 - Ubuntu Debugger error

    Possibly. According to experience most of compiler errors caused by Yum. Can you intimate Ubuntu version and confirm whether Yum installed exactly?
  14. Mustafa ֍zgun

    Delphi 11.2 - Ubuntu Debugger error

    "Delphi Linux Enterprise" requires Delphi Enterprise or Architect versions, not works on Community or Professional. Delphi App Development Product Editions FMXLinux package available in GetIt Package Manager. (However D11.2 trial version requires manual download from https://www.fmxlinux.com/ > "Download Free Trial v 1.71" and "fmxlinux-trial-1_71.exe" installation. Unfortunately FMXLinux Trial messages appear each time app starts.) Platform Status shows supported platforms and operating systems as Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, RedHat Enterprise Linux (version 8 ). However "Yum" python package support removed from versions above "Ubuntu 18.04.0 LTS", Ubuntu decided to develop their own package "dnf" instead of "yum" package RedHat initialized. https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/673762/installing-yum-on-ubuntu Instead of Ubuntu 18.04.0 LTS, if you try 18.04.1, 19, 20 etc. versions, you get "yum" loading messages. Without "yum" Delphi Linux SDK files cannot be loaded completely. Also for desktop app development, "desktop" iso required. If "server" iso installed, console apps shall be compiled. RedHat Enterprise Linux (version 8 ) RHEL8 costs 349 usd https://linuxhint.com/redhat_linux_pricing/ For Intel CPUs, no need to search iso without "amd" word, all iso files are loaded Intel ones, as well. http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/netboot/18.04/ https://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/18.04.5/ To proceed download "ubuntu-18.04-desktop-amd64.iso" from https://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/18.04.5/ Virtualbox/VMWare virtual machines default settings permits Ubuntu setup. Changing settings is not required even in AMD PCs. After selecting "ubuntu-18.04-desktop-amd64.iso" for CD in Settings > Storage > Controller: IDE , Ubuntu 18.04 gets installed fast. After Ubuntu 18.04 starts, steps for Yum, Connection Profile Manager and PAServer installation: Linux Application Development Yum installation: https://low-orbit.net/how-to-install-yum-on-ubuntu Terminal > sudo apt update sudo apt full-upgrade sudo apt install build-essential sudo yum install zlib-devel sudo apt update -y sudo apt install -y yum-utils // testing yum: yum --help yum list all yum search nginx After Yum installation to run PAServer : C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\22.0\PAServer\LinuxPAServer22.0.tar.gz file extracted on Ubuntu desktop. Right click in "PAServer-22.0" window and select "Open in Terminal" Linux Delphi 11.2 FMX Ubuntu 18.04 desktop app development
  15. Mustafa ֍zgun

    Integrate AAR SDK in FMX Android app

    Hi https://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Sydney/en/Adding_A_Java_Library_to_Your_Application_Using_the_Project_Manager https://stackoverflow.com/questions/39450528/adding-a-java-library-file-aar-in-rad-studio-10-seattle