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  1. New LMD 2019.3 installers are available now! The complete VCL package includes more than 750 VCL components including popular packages like LMD DockingPack and LMD DialogPack (Delphi/C++Builder 6 and better). Main changes of this service release are further Rio 10.3 IDE support, extensive BarPack improvements and high dpi bugfixes for DockingPack. Review changes of this release on history page:http://wiki.lmd.de/index.php/LMD_2019_-_History Find summary of all changes in LMD 2019 on What's New Page:http://wiki.lmd.de/index.php/LMD_VCL_2019_-_NewsCheck the new trials and compiled Exe-Demos athttps://www.lmd.de/downloads For example the LMD DockingPack demo:http://files.lmd.de/downloads/lmd2017vcl/DockingPack_Demo.zipTo learn more about other LMD products visit the General Product Page:https://www.lmd.de/products/vcl/lmdvclAll products are based on LMD 2019 platform. For more info about LMD 2019 platform checkhttp://wiki.lmd.de/index.php/LMD_VCL_-_DescriptionFeature Matrix of all LMD VCL products:https://www.lmd.de/feature-matrixIf you are interested in purchasing check out the Order Page:http://www.lmd.de/shopping If any questions are left, please contact us at mail@lmdsupport.com!