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  1. johnnydp

    screen shot - reliable method

    Thanks for all, @PeterBelow this method is preety cool but with big problem it will overwrite current potenrial image in clipboard...
  2. johnnydp

    screen shot - reliable method

    @Larry Hengen This does not work with full desktop and form independent @M.JoosThis could work, one disadvantage: Really modern only, for me wored from 8.1 (not 7) Thanks for input guys.
  3. Hi, Looking for some realiable method of making screenshot BitBlt give sometimes blank screen of desktop Can anyone post working code of other method Speed is also important, I realize it might be little slower
  4. Is there any official or less official info about that? 10.3.2 as next or long wait for 10.4 ?
  5. johnnydp

    10.3.1 has been released

    Actually it's "EMB" text compression, probably they should patent it and proudly add in About product information. Much better than LZ4, LZO or LZMA, because it's 3d multilayer
  6. johnnydp

    10.3.1 has been released

    New Delphi, old bugs, including serious: I think I’m slowly starting to Understand Delphi Hater's blog... RSP-23466 RSP-23320 + hundreds of others.... I wonder if this will ever happen, to manage this product properly, why do they think that developers needs tons of new usless features instead of making fast and solid current functionality.
  7. Sorry I mean that code: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22002120/how-to-get-path-of-current-active-application-window Thanks. Yes mentioned URLs to stackoverflow contain the same problem asking, but there are many answers and comments I don't know which one is realiable. Has anyone had something similar in Delphi which works ?
  8. Std func does not work in Windows 10 for certain apps like Calculator, when Window is focused it's detected as 'ApplicationFrameHost.exe'