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  1. Eugene Kryukov

    ANN: CrossVCL 1.11C just released

    Just because i copied the link from Facebook page. Removed. Thanks.
  2. Eugene Kryukov

    ANN: CrossVCL 1.11C just released

    CrossVCL 1.11C just released. Start building macOS and Linux VCL apps with Embarcadero Delphi and CrossVcl. New version includes bunch of fixes, optimizations and new features. What's new: Added: CreateStreamOnHGlobal Added: PtInRegion and RectInRegion Improved: Dramatically improved text measuring performance (in some cases more than 1000 times) #195: PtInRegion crashes on MAC OS #192: Wrong Result for GetRgnbox on Linux #191: Proposal to support Windows-function "RectInRegion" #186: Not possible to set a directory for TFileListbox #184: Str := TComboBox.text fails, when TComboBox has not style csDrwopDown (linux, mac) #119: TcheckListBox has no checkboxes Fixed: Missing units in Rio - Vcl.VirtualImageList, Vcl.BaseImageCollection, Vcl.ImageCollection Fixed: GDI+ loading bitmap from stream on Linux Fixed: GetTextExtentExPoint may return garbage if MaxExtent is 0 More Info: https://crossvcl.com Other our products: https://www.ksdev.com
  3. Dear Sirs, We are happy to announce new version of our tools: CrossVCL 1.08 and FmxLinux 1.39. https://fmxlinux.com/ https://crossvcl.com/ Also we've just released new annual subscription option: https://ksdev.com/order.html Eugene
  4. Eugene Kryukov

    ANN: CrossVCL 1.07

    CrossVCL 1.07 just released. New build contains bunch of fixes and improvements. Start building macOS and Linux VCL apps with Embarcadero Delphi and CrossVcl. We are working on Toolbar 2000 and TBX support. Work in progress still. Look at screenshots from macOS and Linux. And video - https://youtu.be/E34-3S05_IE History at: https://crossvcl.com/history.html More Info: https://crossvcl.com
  5. FMXLinux 1.36 is available. Start building UI Linux apps with Embarcadero Delphi and FmxLinux. What's new: #172: Combobox problem on second form #196: TMediaPlayer: Volume-Changes leads to crashes More info at: https://fmxlinux.com
  6. Eugene Kryukov

    CrossVCL 1.06

    CrossVCL 1.06 is available. Start building macOS and Linux VCL apps with Embarcadero Delphi and CrossVcl. What's new: Added: GPGraphics's Save and Restore Added: State images support for TTreeView Added: WinAPI example Fixed #163: TGPGraphics.GetVisibleClipBounds Fixed: AV when working with ListView Fixed: ProgressBar returns wrong value for his properties Fixed: AV on hint showing Fixed: Selection by code doesn't work for TTreeView and TListView Fxied: Bunch of minor issues More info at: https://crossvcl.com 3rd-Party List at: https://crossvcl.com/tlist.html