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    Missing icon file "167x167"

    Hello All, when I try to upload our app to the Apple store via Transporter, I get the following error message: ERROR ITMS-90023: "Missing required icon file. The bundle does not contain an app icon for iPad of exactly '167x167' pixels, in .png format for iOS versions supporting iPad Pro. To support older operating systems, the icon may be required in the bundle outside of an asset catalog. Make sure the Info.plist file includes appropriate entries referencing the file. See https://developer.apple.com/documentation/bundleresources/information_property_list/user_interface " Of course I have specified the corresponding png file in the icons, but there seems to be a problem with the Delphi 10.4.1 (December update). I have also not found a workaround anywhere. FYI, the app has been available for download in the appstore since 2014 and is continually maintained and enhanced by me. To be on the safe side, I recreated the .dproj file and re-entered all settings - didn't help, unfortunately. The value for "Lowest supported iOS version" I have adjusted to 11.0 - but unfortunately changes nothing. Does anyone know the problem - how can I fix it.
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    Missing icon file "167x167"

    I have created a completely new app and transferred all units. It now works without errors. I have unfortunately not found a cause, but it is now so far fixed.
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    Missing icon file "167x167"

    I have created an entry in the QC: RSP-32273 Please vote for it.
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    Missing icon file "167x167"

    Yes, I read that. But in Delphi I do not get further with it. How could I correct this manually?
  5. Hi, you have to rebuild your Certificate on developer.apple.com an set it to use for Xcode 11 and later hope this helps Gebhard
  6. Maybe there is no Native Client installed?
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    Application Loader no longer included in Xcode11

    Hi, There is a new App from Apple: Transporter https://apps.apple.com/at/app/transporter/id1450874784?mt=12 i have not testet it yet, but it looks good! Here is the post on the German delphipraxis: https://www.delphipraxis.net/202280-neuer-apple-application-loader.html Regards Gebhard