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  1. Another contract ceased, so I am again looking for new remote projects (full or part time). Delphi is my main development tool for 25 years besides C++ and few other languages. Did some cross-platform development for iOS. For my full profile contact me via: mj@mijn-design.com Thanks for reading!
  2. Just tried it, but after removing the LSP patches the GetIt Deinstallation dialog stays open and nothing happens - waited for 30 min and then killed the task. Any idea ? Thanks for reading
  3. After searching the internet for infos with very little to none success I am still looking for infos about development of AU plug-ins with Delphi/FMX for Mac . Anyone done it successfully and willing to share his/her experience ? Thanks for reading !
  4. My current contract will cease around turn of the year, so I am looking for a new remote project (full or part time) starting around Dec 2020 / Jan 2021. Delphi is my main development tool for 25 years besides C++ and few other languages. My current contract included development of an iPad App Order App for internal use only by nearly a hundred franchise companies. For my full profile contact me via: mj@mijn-design.com Thanks for reading!
  5. mijn

    10.4.1 Released today

    Final results: 1. Navigator/Bookmarks each installs TParnassusCoreEditor which is not de-installed by any routine and has to be manually removed plus all associated registry entries 2. FMXLinux is not cleanly removed, thows an error 3. Individual Desktop settings are causing problems and throw exceptions. Only removing the "* Layout.dst" files in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Embarcadero\BDS\21.0 helped. 4. Finally all settings for Win64 platform are gone IMHO such possible errors should have been detected by Q&A before a release and not by paying customers.
  6. mijn

    10.4.1 Released today

    @Dany MarmurThanks for the feedback. Just started another try but removed some Paranassus stuff manually, still got an error but just "File not found ..." but no exception anymore. Now I am waiting for the installation to finish. Edit 1: Better, but still broken Edit 2: Navigator is one source of problems, as along with its installation also TParnassusCoreEditor is installed but never removed, neither if deinstalled from GetIt nor from the 10.4.1 update GetIt deinstalltion routine. (FMXLinux is also not cleanly uninstalled) Next try: Removed manually all Parnassus* entries from regestry, installation went through but all Desktop settings cause exceptions. Edit 3: Another try with everything removed, which could influence the update, still fails with exceptions and all desktop setups lost
  7. mijn

    10.4.1 Released today

    Tried a few times and variations, but installations fails with the following error on 2 different systems
  8. Trying to debug some apps I get the following error when trying to start the app in debug mode Searched the internet up and down, but only found old stuff related to Delphi 2006 and a problem with Windows .NET libraries. I am lost, any idea ? Thanks for reading! Regards Michael
  9. Since the first release of Firemonkey till now I never had to change anything in the Xcode preferences, just keep my certificates current and the provisioning and XCode and everything and the SDK in RAD-Studio uptodate as well. Searched already XCode preferences and project settings up and down, but have to admit I have no idea which may have to be changed.
  10. Tried to upload a new version of our firemonkey business app which is already in TestFlight for 6 months (compiled with iOS SDK 12.4) now updated to latest Xcode 11.2.1 and SDK 13 but get these warning / error WARNING ITMS-90703: "Deprecated Xcode Build. Due to resolved app archives issues, we have deprecated Xcode 11.2 on November 5, 2019. Download Xcode 11.2.1 or newer, rebuild your app and resubmit." ERROR ITMS-90534: "Invalid Toolchain. Your app was built with an unsupported SDK or version of Xcode. If you plan to submit this build to the App Store, make sure you are using the versions listed in https://help.apple.com/xcode/mac/current/#/devf16aefe3b or later." Any idea or help appreciated. Thanks in advance Michael Edit: Back to SDK 12.4 everything went as expected and the app is ready for review.
  11. mijn

    10.3.1 has been released

    I installed a few RAD-Studio versions with this hardware configuration. The older installers complained if on D was not enough space and some 30 GB on C were always enough for installation from ISO of 10.1.x, 10.2.x, 10.3.0 which are all installed on this system.
  12. mijn

    10.3.1 has been released

    Still no luck installing 10.3.1 - saved settings with Migration Tool - uninstalled - enough space of > 40 GB on drive D - started installer with installation on drive D - Installer quits with failure "Not enough space for installation"
  13. mijn

    10.3.1 has been released

    @Kryvich As I mentioned I just get die option to update. Never get the dialog asking about uninstalling. Trying to uninstall with 10.3.1 installer it throws exception after exception, finally freezes and I have to kill it via task manager.