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  1. nighthawk2032

    Delphi PAServer arm RPi compilation

    Cases such as using FMX: to make a Kiosk alike station (for example) or Datasnap: to use it as console REST server [these are the first two examples that pops to mind, not directly connected to RPi GPIO features or hardware extensions, you are defently right stating that, in some sense]
  2. nighthawk2032

    Delphi PAServer arm RPi compilation

    Thought about using Lazarus as well 🙂 cause it is completely cross-platformed. But then, I won't have all the goodies of Delphi (FMX, Datasnap, ... etc) -- don't know if I am willing to drop all these just yet...
  3. nighthawk2032

    Delphi PAServer arm RPi compilation

    There are of course various ways to use an IoT device with Delphi, such as Windows-IoT ( https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/iot-core/windows-iot-core ) or various Android Rpi Solutions ( which I tried, as you did, previously, and compiled for this solution as if it was an Android device)... but both of these examples aren't Linux compilation. And it forces using different environment, instead of continuing with Linux, which is more commonly used, than these two. The wide mature Linux environment enables running various servers on RPi, a proper Delphi Linux ARM compilation will enable extending these services and will be highly useful. The wide libraries and solutions Linux IoT offers today, can not be compared to Android or Windows-ARM solution.
  4. nighthawk2032

    Delphi PAServer arm RPi compilation

    Thanks for the reply. I didn't, yet, watch the full video (just portions of it) - I will fully watch that to understand more. I did see this link before. Unfortunately, that doesn't seems to be 'true' Linux cross platform compilation. It uses several RPi features, such as I2C - but these are embedded within different components,. The solution seems to be Web oriented (even just by it's naming -- that is it's purpose).. not Linux 'true' Kernal compilation or GTK (for the GUI) use. It doesn't enable any use of the wide FMX abilities... and has it's own limited components (AFAIK) to label information on a Web Form.. In addition I am not sure how widely (if at all) it'll enable me to link to the so called, compiled product any additional Linux .so libraries, for use. But again, I don't know all the features of this solution, this is just a brief observation. I fail to understand fully. why Cross compilation is available for Windows-ARM, MacOS, and Linux x64.. but isn't available yet for Linux-ARM.
  5. nighthawk2032

    Delphi PAServer arm RPi compilation

    Why isn't there a RPi linux ARM compilation yet? is there? Are there any plans for that?
  6. nighthawk2032

    QUIC and HTTP/3

    Are there any updates on HTTP/3 QUIC and ICS, yet? is QUIC mature enough to be implemented in?
  7. nighthawk2032

    ICS Delphi DataSnapBridge

    Use the framework of Datasnap with ICS, instead of with Indy Suite.. Such thing is possible -- Not sure where I saw that being done with an internet component suite other than Indy.. (I think it was the esegece.com suite -- but I didn't check it, not sure whether they just use forked Indy there)
  8. Hi, Can I use ICS with Delphi Datasnap framework?