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  1. Hello, I would have to take over the development of some medical management system, written in RAD Studio 10.1. - First i've tried the Trial Version of RAD, but due to the lack of the FireDAC units, the program is not compiling. - Currently i try to compile it with the Community Edition, but that cannot even open the project, complaining about the lack of some kind of "Delphi.Personality" file. - The original developer could not help, he said, he used the Pro version without problems. (I have no money for the Pro version, but since this is a paying job, not a favor for some fellow dude, i refuse to pirate it.) - I tried to get some help from Embarcadero, but they had refused to give any kind of help, all they replied each time was WONTHELP, CLOSED. - Internet didn't help. Any ideas?
  2. IIRC, it refused to install with the existing license, so i had to get a new. But i don't remember clearly, it was months ago. Embarcadero did not even know that i installed it on windows 7, because i did not say it, because i did not know that it is important. They did not help, because i am not a paying customer. I don't have windows 10.
  3. Confused the installer? How can i confuse the installer in a way to make it believe that a non-existent product is installed? I've already installed, uninstalled and reinstalled these environments multiple times. Embarcadero only answered WONTHELP, CLOSED to all my mails/reports. I am, it is visible on the first attached image. I don't have windows 10 here. I don't get the reason behind this though; windows 7 and 8 are still being used by one out of six people...
  4. It is RAD Studio CE. See attached image. Unfortunately did not helped. Only an error message appeared after "loading" for some time. See attached image for the error message.
  5. I can reinstall the Trial version after 30 days. What is this Delphi.Personality file BTW?
  6. I worked with Delphi a lot before 2008, but then i had switched to Linux and moved to Lazarus/FreePascal. Still, i could manage to deal with modern Delphi code, if i could compile it. The previous developer never said it needs the Professional version, just that he uses that. The customer cannot pay that much what the Professonal version costs. I installed everything what the Trial version offered.