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  1. DavidOne

    Retrieving data from REST async call

    Hello Dalija, thank you for your response! In the end I defined an event in the TMainDataModule and an event handler in the login form. I rewrite REST request execution in the following way: UserRESTRequest.ExecuteAsync( procedure begin var User: TUtente := TJson.JsonToObject<TUtente>(UserRESTResponse.Content); Self.OnAfterLoadUser(Self, User); end, True, True, procedure(Error: TObject) begin raise Exception.Create('It was not possible to contact the server'); end); What do you think about this solution? Is it really thread safe and may be a good workaround? Thank you, Davide
  2. Hello, I am upgrading my Delphi VCL REST client to introduce async loginc in REST call which are now running in the main thread. I read some articles and docs but none of this put me in the right way. Starting from the simplest thing: the login, I amusing the following code: function TMainDataModule.LoadUser(AUserMailAddress: string): TUser; begin Result := nil; try UserRESTRequest.Params.ParameterByName('MailAddress').Value := AUserMailAddress; UserRESTRequest.Execute; if (UserRESTResponse.Status.Success) then Result := TJson.JsonToObject<TUtente>(UserRESTResponse.Content) except on E: Exception do raise Exception.Create('Non è stato possibile contattare il server'); end; end; If I use the TRESTRequest.ExecuteAsync or create a TTask and run the TRESTRequest.Execute inside I cannot assign the Result of my function (cause the function is execute in the main thread, I suppose...). What is the right way to execute the REST call and retrun the value of the call to the main thread? I have the same problem in assigning the result of a REST call data to my TMemTable. Have you got some advice or different approach about how to retrieve data asycronously? Thank you, Davide
  3. DavidOne

    Encoding accented char in JSON format

    Thank you, setting the StringEscapeHandling to EscapeNonAscii does the magic!
  4. Hello, I am working with Delphi 11.1. Inspired by a Stephen Ball article I am using a TJsonTextWriter to create a RADServer endpoint response the contains data from a master-detail data relationship. To write field value in the Json text response I am using the following code: if ((ADataSet.Fields[FieldIdx] is TDateField) or (ADataSet.Fields[FieldIdx] is TSQLTimeStampField)) then Writer.WriteValue(ADataSet.Fields[FieldIdx].AsDateTime) else Writer.WriteValue(ADataSet.Fields[FieldIdx].AsString); The problem I am facing off is about accented characters like: à. When I retrieve data from the endpoint I receive the following error: Project Test.exe raised exception class EEncodingError with message 'No mapping for the Unicode character exists in the target multi-byte code page'. If the there are no accented chars in the field content I can read the resulted Json without any problems. How should I managed to encode correctly accented chars? Thank you, Davide
  5. DavidOne

    FMX low code wizard error

    Thank you, it solved the error!
  6. Hello, I am developing on Delphi 11.1. I would like to read a JSON pair REST response received by TRESTResponse object. The response has the following format: {"OrderNo", "W00001987"}. In my first attempt to get the OrderNo value I used this code: OrderNoRESTResp.RootElement := 'OrderNo'; var S: string := OrderNoRESTResp.Content; Result := OrderNoRESTResp.JSONValue.ToString; But in the result were reported the double quotes aoround the order no. After I try with the following code and I get the right order no without double quotes: Jsv: TJSONValue := OrderNoRESTResp.JSONValue; try var Jso: TJSONObject := Jsv as TJSONObject; for var JPair: TJSONPair in Jso do Result := JPair.JSONValue.Value; Is the above code the correct one and the best way to retrieve a single Json pair returned from the TRESTResponse ? Thank you, Davide
  7. DavidOne

    FMX low code wizard error

    Hello, I am working with Delphi 11.1 on a Windows 11 Pc. I downloaded the "Low code wizard 1.0" from the Get it and I created a mobile project using the wizard. When I try to run the project I get the following error: Project LowCodeTest.exe raised exception class EListError with message 'Duplicates not allowed'. I try to enable and disable different option in the wizard but the error remains there. Has somebody aleady encoutered and solved this problem? Thank you, Davide