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  1. TurboMagic

    Double entry on taskbar

    Hello, I'm using D10.3.2 and this time I do something looking a bit strange. It works except for one thing. I want to include sort of 2 applications (a main one and a small one sharing some code and the language ressource dlls of the main one). For this in the DPR I check if a certain command line parameter has been passed. If not the main app will be started otherwise the small one. Here's some code: So where does the 2nd taskbar icon in the one case come from and how to get rid of it? Regards TurboMagic
  2. Thanks for that hint, we'll do that later. First we try to run this project on a different machine to see if it happens there as well.
  3. Neither ExitProcess nor TerminateProcess could be found in this project.
  4. Thanks for this tip. Result of that in the dpr is: false.
  5. I'll check this, but I doubt it as it is a VCL application. How can I check this? {$AppType CONSOLE}?
  6. I would also expect that they are reported to me and in other big applications I have they actually are, but not in this one and reducing this might not be so easy. @Attila: what in my finalization sections could trigger a silend exit process? Do y<ou have any examples so I know what to look for?
  7. Ahem, the following code I had used to test will leak: var sl : TStringList; begin sl := TStringList.Create; sl.Add('This will leak David!'); sl.Add('This will leak David!'); end; See: no free, thus it will leak at least one TStringList. I had even put that construct into the dpr and put an exit after the last Add call, so the application quit immediately. But it didn't show any message box. Ok, doing that in the dpr and thus not running any VCL initialisation made in the dpr's main code migt be problematic for showing a message box, but the code above was in the FormClose event of the main form and got called!
  8. I do know that leak reporting normally works, but it doesn't in this specific project. The project is a bigger one with a 5-digit number of LOC so creating a minimal demo, as much as I understand why you want it, is not so easy. Are there any known issues which can interfere with it? We already checked and confirmed that there is only one ReportMemoryLeaksOnShutdown := true; line as first line in the dpr's main program. We also tried FastMM491 and included FastMM4 ias first unit in the dpr's uses clause, but it didn't change anything. We also had tried V4.97, but that did not compile. There was some data type mismatch somewhere.
  9. How's that? Will creating some object in FormClose but not freeing it there not leak?
  10. Hello, we have a Tokyo based Win32 project where ReportMemoryLeaksOnShutdown := true; as first line in the dpr does not lead to any leaks being reported on shutdown of the program, even if we force a leak in FormCLose of the main form (we can prove that the lines are executed there. In a small test application memory leak reporting works fine. What can this be? In the same project something has gone wrong with FastMM4 anyway. Small rpointer of records (size 12 bytes) do consume over 1K RAM each! Any clue what this could be? If extracted into the small test project it doesn't consume too much RAM. Same data type, same loop etc. Best regards TurboMagic
  11. TurboMagic

    Cannot install USB Driver

    Yes, Android 8.0 has debugging issues due to some messed up permission by Android. Android 8.1 is fixed. That's nothing EMBT is guilty of.
  12. TurboMagic

    Android splash screens

    The problem is, that it's not me who decides how the splash screen looks like. The other app is done in a different technology and uses different resolutions, so it's a bit hard for me to design a splash screen which looks similar enough from the logo and icon sizes of these elements on the splash screen. It would be a further argument for unification of development tools. Sigh!
  13. TurboMagic

    Android splash screens

    Hello, thanks for the links provided. Some questions: You talk about approved image sizes and when I look at the path mentioned by you I see the resolutions the IDE project settings offer. But what does approved mean? Approved by whom? EMBT or Android or...? Or asked differently: why does a different development environment use different sizes? Who approved those? 😉 Isn't there some official standard as it is standard to have these ldpi, mdpi, hdpi etc. folders in the apk containing the various resolutions, but aren't those resolutions "fixed" somewhere?
  14. TurboMagic

    Android splash screens

    Hello, some question regarding Android splash screens. Delphi defines exact pixel sizes for these graphics. But where do they come from? Some colleague has written an app (in some web app framework) which uses completely different resolutions for those splash screens and if one tries to make similar looking one for my app this is quite cumbersome. These are the resolutions used by the other framework: 200x320 320x480 480x800 720*1280 960*1600 1280x1920 TurboMagic
  15. Can you find out in which Delphi version it still worked and compare the source then?