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  1. I just tried. I got the .hpp files and copied those two referenced over into the directory of that project, but compilation gives a [ilink32 failure] Fatal: file 'SYSTEM.CLASSES.OBJ' cannot get opened. I tried to find the file in my VM, but I failed.
  2. If you want complier dependent enablement of Audits you can file a feature request. Question for me would be what in audits is not CLang compatible... But I'm no C++ developer.
  3. Thanks! I'll try to find the required time in the next few days.
  4. Sorry, David, but I do not speak "C" much and as the DEC library I'm working on seems to be mostly C++ Builder compatible I didn't want to ruin that compatibility just to have some speed gains on Delphi side. The simple solution would have been to remove the uncommenting and don't care about C++ Builder.
  5. Ok, thanks for this rough translation Remy! Now I simply need to get some DECFormat.hpp and DECHash.hpp. Is there a way to get them generated or do I need to craft/create them manually?
  6. In order to test something, I'd need to have the Hash_Console Demo console application from https://github.com/MHumm/DelphiEncryptionCompendium (DEC) translated to C++ Builder. Why do I need this? In DECOptions.inc there are some switches which would enable 32 bit asm optimized variants of some hash algorithms. The previous developers left a comment there that those are commented out due to some C++ Builder issue. Now if I could check whether this issue still persists and if yes, whether I can selectively disable them via some define, I could improve the library's performance at least for Delphi users and if the issue no longer persists maybe even for C++ Builder users.
  7. TurboMagic

    Class tree utility released

    If you like you can contribute this as option via pull request... 😉
  8. TurboMagic

    Class tree utility released

    Yes, it needs the classes to be compiled in, which was ok for my purpose and didn't require to download another library (AST). It is self contained that way but requires source code distribution.
  9. TurboMagic

    Class tree utility released

    My variant generates the hierarchy via RTTI (I don't know how DelphiAST works) and it only considers classes and it can render the tree into textual form (if you use a font containing the needed glyphs). See the GitHub project page, I added two screenshots now.
  10. TurboMagic

    Class tree utility released

    Thanks! I fixed the link. I also had thought I had removed the DEC units...! Grr! I wrote this tool because I needed it for generating some tree for DEC's documentation. If you like to have a search facility you may add this and either create a pull request or contact me otherwise to submit your improvement... 😉
  11. TurboMagic

    Class tree utility released

    Hello, I just released a new little utility on GitHub: https://github.com/MHumm/ClassTree It can be used to generate class tree representations for documentation purposes. I hope you like it and don't mind that it's a first version which might still be a bit raw. It fullfiled at least my purposes. Cheers TurboMagic
  12. TurboMagic

    Good news! DEC 6.2 just released!

    This is the info that I just released a bugfix version 6.2.1 here: https://github.com/MHumm/DelphiEncryptionCompendium/releases/tag/V6.2.1 What was fixed? fixes bugs preventing use of the demos on older versions, demos have been tested with XE8 Win32 and newer. fixes a bug introduced by Git in a deployproj file of a demo making it non-loadable completely. GetIt submission has already been sent...
  13. TurboMagic

    Good news! DEC 6.2 just released!

    Just to let you know that I just turned in the submission of the Lite version for GetIt publication. So hopefully it should appear there soon...
  14. Hello, good news is, that I just released a new version of DEC (Delphi Encryption Compendium): https://github.com/MHumm/DelphiEncry...eases/tag/V6.2 What's new? Fixed some regressions, among them some which hindered compilation with older Delphi versions (support for older compilers might be reduced in future versions!) Fixed bugs in the SCOP and SHARK cipher algorithms The unit test for the hash classes got improved by adding original test vectors to those algorithms which didn't already use original test vectors and where we could find those (for most we could) The SHA3 hash algorithm has been added for 224, 256, 384 and 512 bit including support for message lengths not being a multiple of whole bytes. Our implementation uses Eric Grange's optimizes permutation kernel ASM implementation on WIn32 and WIn64 (with his friendly permission of course!) A new demo got added: Hash Benchmark FMX Now have fun with this. The GetIt provided Lite version should follow within the next few days. TurboMagic
  15. TurboMagic

    Calling a Delphi DLL from LabView

    It works now, last failure was to not declare the last function parameter as pointer in the header file they use as this is a var param on my side.