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  1. TurboMagic

    Delphi Package Manager - choices?

    There are concrete (but not public yet) plans to improve GetIt. One of the items will make it easier to update contents which has already been published via GetIt so it might attrack more publishers.
  2. I updated the console demo now and it will list all configurations created with the -r key as well and since a few weeks even a GUI for selecting the configurations has been added. Is that's "good enough" now? (except maybe for the documentation)
  3. TurboMagic

    RAD Studio 11.0 Support

    I don't know which SVN client you used, but Tortoise SVN integrates nicely into Windows Explorer and works quite well... After installing that one create a new folder and right click on it, select "SVN Checkout" and enter the SVN Url of ICS and things should be on your computer a few seconds later...
  4. Ok, I added a VCL based form for adding and removing now, but in a different fashion than yours and a demo application. Enjoy!
  5. Thanks for pointing that one out to me. The intent of my library is to get this integrated in various 3rd party tools to make them easily integratable in the IDE. I've got no need for such a complete UI. My version deliberatly only supports D2009 and up. We need to get away from supporting all these old versions so that people finally upgrade and even D2009 is old enough.
  6. Ok, I reworked it now. You now get a generic list of all configurations and all versions and Add/Delete works with that one. @Uwe Raabecan you have another look at it?
  7. That one has just been implemented now.
  8. Which subkeys are you talking about? About the thing with -r: that one I can understand. And: I'm open for pull requests...
  9. Ok, upon request I reworked the description of that project completely now.
  10. Hello, I've written a small unit for easily adding and removing IDE/Tools menu entries. It can also check if there's already some entry for a given executable. It is open source and can be found here along with a small console application demoing the functionality. https://github.com/MHumm/AddIDETool Remember: you need to restart the IDE for the settings changes to become effect. Now enjoy it 😉 TurboMagic
  11. TurboMagic

    DEC V6.3 released

    Good news, I just released version 6.3 of the Delphi Encryption Compendium cryptography library. You can fin it here: https://github.com/MHumm/DelphiEncryptionCompendium/releases/tag/V6.3"]https://github.com/MHumm/DelphiEncryptionCompendium/releases/tag/V6.3 What's new? Implemented some bugfixes Added Shake128/256 extensible output hash algorithm implementations Made the 32 bit asm implementations of the MD2, SHA384, Tiger, Snefru128 and Snefru256 hash algorithms compile again and they are used now as default for Win32 Delphi projects. In some cases this might double the speed of the hash calculation. Further details about the changes are found in the VersionHistory.pdf file in Docs subfolder. The GetIt Lite version should be released within the next few days. Enjoy TurboMagic
  12. While further working on Delphi Encryption Compendium I stumbled over the freeing mechanism for the class registration mechanism. Digging into the history I read something about AddModuleUnloadProc being used in context of packages, which I didn't use yet, but I'm not sure why a simple TDECHash.ClassList.Free; should not be sufficient. So any ideas why this is in? I'm asking, because in that ModuleUnload procedure C++ Builder crashes with "List item not found". So if removing that ModuleUnload completely without causing any negative side effects, it might improve C++ Builder compatibility. nit DECHashBase; [..] procedure ModuleUnload(Instance: NativeInt); var // automaticaly deregistration/releasing i: Integer; begin if TDECHash.ClassList <> nil then begin for i := TDECHash.ClassList.Count - 1 downto 0 do begin if NativeInt(FindClassHInstance(TClass(TDECHash.ClassList[i]))) = Instance then TDECHash.ClassList.Remove(TDECHash.ClassList[i].Identity); end; end; end; initialization AddModuleUnloadProc(ModuleUnload); TDECHash.ClassList := TDECClassList.Create; finalization RemoveModuleUnloadProc(ModuleUnload); TDECHash.ClassList.Free; end.
  13. I just tried. I got the .hpp files and copied those two referenced over into the directory of that project, but compilation gives a [ilink32 failure] Fatal: file 'SYSTEM.CLASSES.OBJ' cannot get opened. I tried to find the file in my VM, but I failed.
  14. If you want complier dependent enablement of Audits you can file a feature request. Question for me would be what in audits is not CLang compatible... But I'm no C++ developer.
  15. Thanks! I'll try to find the required time in the next few days.