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    Installing Pre-10.x Releases

    My license is for 11.2 Architect and as such includes access back to XE2 Architect I've been writing some installation routines and want to check older version compatibility but I if I download any XE (tried a few inceluding 2 + 7) but the installer for pre-10.x wont accept my serial informing me it's not valid. It was suggested that I install 11 then try XE [some version] as my 11 would recognise the key and that should be picked up by the XE installer - but it didn't work. Anyone know how I can install an XE with my valid 11 license?
  2. peardox

    Installing Pre-10.x Releases

    Thanks, that's just the information I was after
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    Project Release Icon not Showing

    Got here cos of the same issue - this is really annoying 🙂 Solution - paste this into Windows Explorer address bar %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer Delete iconcache* Reboot Fixed
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    4K monitor displays my app very small

    I think this is something screwey in some obscure Windows setting as this works fine on other machines. The application is displayed half height half width - other than that it's perfect. Of course this means the user can't actually use the program He tells me he's got another very similar machine that doesn;t do this with the app displaying properly sized He also says some "The may be the result of a previous Canon app that appeared the same way." I'd like to know why his PC is doing this so I can look out for it and hopefully cater for the situation My Mac has high res monitor but doesn't do the same thing (his is a Win PC tho)
  5. Some sample python... import adelphimodule class ADict(dict): def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) self.__dict__ = self someitems = ADict( first = 1, second = "Two", third = 3.0, fourth = ADict( subitem1 = True } ) print(adelphimodule.delphievent(someitems)) Now, in Delphi I stick a PythonModule on a form and hook it up to engine etc (i.e. all this bit works) - I name it delphimodule which will then make it accessible with the Python above. Next I create an event for the module called delphievent In delphi I run the Python and when it hits the adelphimodule.delphievent(someitems) which then triggers this bit of Delphi... procedure TForm1.PythonModule1Events0Execute(Sender: TObject; PSelf, Args: PPyObject; var Result: PPyObject); var log: TTrainLog; begin with GetPythonEngine do begin // Check if the transmitted object is a dictionary if not PyDict_Check(Args) then begin Result := PyUnicodeFromString('===> Bad Event Handler!'); Exit; end; end; Result := PyUnicodeFromString('===> Good Event Handler!'); end; This code will make the Python print "Bad Event Handler" even though I've passed the event data that is a Python dict The examples have a single event demo and it does nothing with passing data so I'm a little stumped over how to extract the data I passed in I could write yet another module I guess but then I'd end up needing new modules for any new bunch of data I sent back to Delphi. The thing I'm trying to do is pass arbitary data back to delphi (tried packaging it as JSon but couldn't read ther string data either) Edit : Got string passing OK now so can always pass as JSON