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  1. Thanks Serge; I will give this a try. My solution yesterday was to just put a TImage on top of the speedbutton and change hittest/align=client.
  2. I tried adding a Win7 and Win8 to the Win10 under the custom button, but still when the app runs on the win7 box it has a different style. I also tried turning off "Enable Runtime Themes" thinking maybe it wouldn't restyle the application and go with what it is and this did not solve the issue either.
  3. I right clicked the speed button and chose Edit Custom Style. I replaced the background with a TRectange and set its fill to the color I want. It works on my development system (Win10), but when I take it to a Win7 box, it does not work and the background color is not there. In the style designed it says Platform Windows 10 Desktop, but the only other option is Default. When I select default it does not have a "SpeedButton1Style1". Any way I can set this to work on any system that runs it?
  4. alank2

    TNetHTTPClient and custom header

    Thanks Remy; it is working good now.
  5. alank2

    TNetHTTPClient and custom header

    Would it be: NetHTTPClient1->CustomHeaders["Authorization"]=" Token token=key1, btoken=key2 ";
  6. I need to specify a custom header that they have a curl example for. $ curl "https://examplesite" -H 'Authorization: Token token=key1, btoken=key2' -X GET The documentation for the TNetHTTPClient says this - can I send the above "Authorization: Token token=key1, btoken=key2" as a custom header using the TNetHTTPClient component? If so, how? Sending a Request with Custom Headers The HTTP client component and the HTTP request component both allow you to set custom headers. The custom headers that you can specify are: In the HTTP client component: Accept AcceptCharSet AcceptEncoding AcceptLanguage ContentType UserAgent In the HTTP request component: Accept AcceptCharSet AcceptEncoding AcceptLanguage When you execute a request, the THTTPClient.Execute method of the HTTP framework combines the custom headers from the HTTP client component and the corresponding HTTP request component and adds those headers to the final request.
  7. I've read about a win32 api function called PrintWindow, but often in delphi/cppbuilder there is an easier way. I need to get the graphic bitmap of a different application's window. Any tips or ideas?
  8. alank2

    TSpeedButton - how to change the background color

    I right clicked it and created a custom style. Then I found the background and edited NormalLink to change where it was pointed to to pointing to the middle of a white box so it would become white. Are you saying you replaced the background TButtonStyleObject with a TRectangle? Can the bitmap graphics that NormalLink points to be edited? What if I wanted to add something to that bitmap?
  9. I've done enough searching to know that it is based on a bitmap; I even remember drilling down and opening a bitmap that looked like the source of how it figures out how to draw controls. I am creating a number the TSpeedButton's programmatically and I have been using the StyleLookup="buttonstyle" which looks mostly like what I want except it has a grayish background which I need to change to a white background. What is the easiest way to accomplish that?
  10. alank2

    Is there a way to outline text in a TLabel?

    I'm not in love with it, but I ended up using 5 TLabels - one offset to each corner underneath the real one to give it an outline.
  11. alank2

    Is there a way to outline text in a TLabel?

    Many of those examples are large fonts like a WordArt type of thing. Can this approach work on smaller font sizes like 12pt? Thank you for the help!
  12. So that the font itself is black for example, but it has a white outline immediately around the font, but not the entire background. I am wanting to overlay a TLabel on top of a graphic and make it visible if the graphic is dark or light.
  13. alank2

    TSpeedButton IsPressed issue

    Are there any workarounds on this issue?
  14. alank2

    TSpeedButton IsPressed issue

    It seems to be an immediate type thing. If I have code that looks at IsPressed later on, it seems to be correct, but not always in the OnClick that is changing it.
  15. Thanks everyone; HitTest property fixed the issue for me!