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    Looking For Remote Delphi Jobs

    Hi, do you still require a Delphi Programmer?
  2. Hi Darrel, According to your requirement, I put at your disposal my knowledge and experience as an Engineer and programmer. I have a great ability to learn new languages and a very good vision in the creation of computer programs. The world of programming is very dynamic and I thank GOD for giving me two ingredients that seem very important to me: "ingenuity" (indispensable to solve day-to-day problems), and of course I can't put aside my “passion” for the programming. With Delphi I have developed and marketed Client-Server desktop application, multi-device applications with DATASNAP architecture (functional and tested on Windows 10 and Android), implemented with storage systems such as Paradox, Ms Access, MySQL Server, SQL Server, FireBird and Interbase; There are really no limits in programming, to the point that “everything is possible in programming”. In addition to Delphi (Pascal), I have knowledge of languages such as Basic, Fortran, Java, JavaScript, pHp, C, C ++, html, css, XML, among others. In my experience, due to technological changes and the evolution of the world, I have seen the need to migrate my products and those of a private company, to a more recent version of Delphi, both in the FrontEnd and in the BackEnd, project which I am about to finish right now. I am a responsible, honest and disciplined person; I currently live in Floridablanca, metropolitan area of Bucaramanga (Santander, Colombia). I have a company in the United States, DANIEL F GONZALEZ P LLC, my Employer Identification Number (EIN) is 88-1930544, through which I can provide my services. I would like to have a meeting with you, by the means you consider most appropriate, for which I will be attentive to the appropriate date and time for it. Thanking you in advance for your attention, I await your response and confirmation. Sincerely, DANIEL FERNANDO Skype: danielfgonzalezp CV_Daniel_F_Gonzalez_P_2022_Eng_v03.pdf