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  1. I've been testing this project and selecting a single file works and displaying the metadata works fine. But selecting a directory (ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT_TREE) throws an exception and I cannot find a solution. First chance exception at $0000006C85F59EE8. Exception class EJNIException with message 'java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Unsupported Uri content://com.android.externalstorage.documents/tree/primary%3ADCIM' My goal is to list all the images with metadata on my phone from the Android MediaLibrary (https://developer.android.com/reference/android/provider/MediaStore.Images.Media) Has anyone got a solution?
  2. dados

    SynEdit just got a major uplift

    Well pyscripter rolled up his sleeves and has made the latest version the fastest one ever. Loading a 10Mb xml file with a a single line or a 120Mb with 3.3 million lines is now amazingly fast, even with highlighting. Thank you @pyscripter for your great work
  3. dados

    SynEdit just got a major uplift

    More on performance. I loaded a 120 Mb. 3.3million line xml file and that is just blistering. Then I loaded a 10 Mb. xml file with no line brakes (single line) and it's extremely slow. Is this something that could be optimized? (large single line file) Compiled and tested in 32 and 64 bit debug and release.
  4. dados

    SynEdit just got a major uplift

    I'm sorry, insufficient testing on my part. It seems that running SynEdit in debug mode has a huge affect on performance. Running a release is still fast 🙂 Thank you. Ps. I'm running a Dell Precision laptop with i7-6820HQ + Intel HD 530 + NVIDIA Quatro M1000M
  5. dados

    SynEdit just got a major uplift

    Thank you. Nice to get more features and development I just updated from a source since sept.2021 and here is what I did after upgrading: New project and a new synedit aligned to client. Loaded some text (plsql code), about 5000 lines Run project And the first thing I do is scroll up and down (page up/down and with mouse dragging vertical scrollbar) ......and the scrolling is lagging/studdering I turned off IndentGuides and it's a little bit better but still lags. I created the same project using the earlier version I used before and there is no lag Noticed also that cpu usage is much higher when scrolling (IndentGuides off) with the new version This is a major turn off for me and for this reason I will revert to the earlier version. SynEdit has always been so fast and smooth and that has been, for me, one of the it's best feature I've been using SynEdit, since at least, from 2004 and it's nice it's still being updated but please do not make it slow Is this something anyone else has experienced?