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Found 1 result

  1. I added a PUT handler to my API (so far I worked with POST, for my new API iteration I'm finally getting to implementing PUT), but it does not get dispatched. HttpAppSrv1.AddPutHandler('/'+porticoversion+'/object/*',Tlisaapiportico); // Person anlegen PUT /object/{oid}/person Tlisaapiportico is implementing TUrlHandler. I debugged, and it looks like the handler get's correctly added to the FPutHandler, but PutDispatchVirtualDocument gets never reached. Further debugging (and comparison with POST) lead me to TriggerPutDocument. When I comment out the "Flags-Check" it works. procedure THttpAppSrv.TriggerPutDocument( { V8.67 } Sender : TObject; var Flags : THttpGetFlag); begin //OutputDebugString(PChar('HTTP_PUT ' + (Sender as THttpAppSrvConnection).Path)); inherited TriggerPutDocument(Sender, Flags); { if Flags in [hgWillSendMySelf, hg404, hg403, hg401] then Exit ; } // Handle all virtual documents. Returns TRUE if document handled. if PutDispatchVirtualDocument(Sender as THttpAppSrvConnection, Flags) then Exit; // Reject anything else Flags := hg404; end; In TriggerDeleteDocument is a similar check. I did not test it yet, but I imagine I'm going to run into the same problem. Of course I don't know if the real problem is, that the flag get's set wrong somewhere higher in the call stack, or if the inherited call should do something instead.