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  1. I downloaded and installed the latest daily snapshot from https://wiki.overbyte.eu/arch/icsv9w.zip but still can't get PUT to work. I still run into the "Flags"-check from my original post. Am I missing something else? The Flags in question contains hg404. The path I call the PUT with Postman is My other GET and POST Handlers work like they used to. Edit: If I comment out the Flags-Check like I did in my original post it now works. So your fix handling the uploads worked.
  2. When further testing I discovered an additional problem: My PUT obviously happens with data. But in my dispatched handler no data arrives. When debugging I noticed, that the handler get's dispatched before the data is received. An additional ConnectionDataAvailable where FState is hcPostedData happens after the dispatch. I meant to test it properly all earlier, after you implemented it for me, but other projects happened and my workaround with POST worked.
  3. I added a PUT handler to my API (so far I worked with POST, for my new API iteration I'm finally getting to implementing PUT), but it does not get dispatched. HttpAppSrv1.AddPutHandler('/'+porticoversion+'/object/*',Tlisaapiportico); // Person anlegen PUT /object/{oid}/person Tlisaapiportico is implementing TUrlHandler. I debugged, and it looks like the handler get's correctly added to the FPutHandler, but PutDispatchVirtualDocument gets never reached. Further debugging (and comparison with POST) lead me to TriggerPutDocument. When I comment out the "Flags-Check" it works. procedure THttpAppSrv.TriggerPutDocument( { V8.67 } Sender : TObject; var Flags : THttpGetFlag); begin //OutputDebugString(PChar('HTTP_PUT ' + (Sender as THttpAppSrvConnection).Path)); inherited TriggerPutDocument(Sender, Flags); { if Flags in [hgWillSendMySelf, hg404, hg403, hg401] then Exit ; } // Handle all virtual documents. Returns TRUE if document handled. if PutDispatchVirtualDocument(Sender as THttpAppSrvConnection, Flags) then Exit; // Reject anything else Flags := hg404; end; In TriggerDeleteDocument is a similar check. I did not test it yet, but I imagine I'm going to run into the same problem. Of course I don't know if the real problem is, that the flag get's set wrong somewhere higher in the call stack, or if the inherited call should do something instead.
  4. omnibrain

    TIdSNTP still providing daylight saving time

    Ah, I see. Thank you. I did not know, that Indy is on github. Let's hope the fixed version comes with Delphi 12.
  5. I'm currently testing IcsTimeClient but I'm running into inexplicable timeouts when trying to get the time of ptbtime1.ptb.de. It looks like it's resolving the IP correctly ( and when I try to get the time from the same server via the Indy-Component it works. Other servers, like the NIST-servers NIST Internet Time Service work with IcsTimeClient too. I tried both, with the OverbyteIcsTimeTst program and my own, reduced to the basics, one.
  6. omnibrain

    RCS Chats - Rich Communication Services

    I don't think Apple is using RCS. And the track record of Google regarding messaging is not the best. ~10 years ago there were some failed attempts of carriers in Germany trying to push a RCS based messenger. But WhatsApp had already won back then.
  7. omnibrain

    TIdSNTP still providing daylight saving time

    Of course, but in the code of the component there is "NTPToDateTime" and in there "UTCTimeToLocalTime". And like I said. Last week it worked. I would have expected an error of 2 hours last week, if this was the case.
  8. I am using Delphi 11.2 (Patch 1) on Windows 11 (22H2): A few weeks ago, I added a check to our software to be able to verify against a time server independently of the rest of the system, as our customers had issues with internal network time synchronization in the past. Since Sunday, we "suddenly" have a one-hour deviation. Last weekend we went back from UTC+2 to UTC+1. I have simplified it to the most basic test possible, just a form with a TIdSNTP component and an edit box to enter the server. And even then, I still get a time that is exactly one hour in the future. Have I overlooked something? Since we are now on "standard time," I would have expected there to have been problems during development and testing in the past weeks. IdSNTP1.Host:=LabeledEdit1.Text; memo1.Lines.Add('Server: '+LabeledEdit1.Text+' Internet time: '+DateTimeToStr(IdSNTP1.DateTime)+' Local time: '+datetimetostr(now)); The result is:
  9. omnibrain

    ANN : TECNativeMap 5.1

    I've sent you an email asking for a quote.
  10. omnibrain

    ANN : TECNativeMap 5.1

    This looks really great. But for some demos I still get the following error, I think the uecNativeMeasureMap dcu is outdated: [dcc32 Fataler Fehler] UMainNativeLinesPolygones.pas(8): F2051 Unit uecNativeMeasureMap wurde mit einer unterschiedlichen Version von UECGraphics.TECCanvas compiliert
  11. omnibrain

    ANN : TECNativeMap 5.1

    I really like what I see. Do you have an overview over the demos, so I don't have to open each one? Some Demos don't compile, DemoNativeLinesPolygon for example. I think it has to do with the DCUs being compiled for a different version.
  12. omnibrain

    ANN : TECNativeMap 5.1

    Can you please provide me with a trial (your website says to ask for a trial)? I want to give it a spin, before I license it for me and my 3 other developers. Native Support for WFS and WMS layers so they can be used like in leaflet without having to build the URL by hand would be great. A time dimension function for WMS, like Leaflet.TimeDimension AddOn would be the cherry on the cake. Regarding the legends, you are correct, no special function is needed, they are just static images.
  13. omnibrain

    ANN : TECNativeMap 5.1

    "Manually" building URLs for WFS is easy, because it's more or less a "static" geojson endpoint. For WMS it is not really an option for me, because WMS (especially combined with a GeoServer) is a somewhat complex standard with spatial and temporal dimensions and way easier to use with ready made libraries.
  14. omnibrain

    ANN : TECNativeMap 5.1

    My map looks like this: Then I add point markers for asset tracking, etc.
  15. omnibrain

    ANN : TECNativeMap 5.1

    Sounds great. I'm really intrigued. I'm really considering giving it a try, because currently I'm using leaflet in a web view. While that has advantages, especially for reusability in the web, a "native" Delphi solution would make my life easier especially for the simpler usecases. One more question: In one part of my app I'm enriching my Map with WFS and WMS. Via WFS I get a geojson layer and have a click handler assigned to every feature: var wfslayer = L.Geoserver.wfs("https://maps.dwd.de/geoserver/dwd/ows?service=WFS", { layers: "dwd:Warnungen_Gemeinden_vereinigt", style: { fillOpacity: 0, }, onEachFeature: function (feature, layer) { layer.on('click', handleClick); } }); wfslayer.addTo(map); Via WMS I get a raster layer and use plugins to show the legend and more important navigate through the time dimension: var regen = L.tileLayer.wms('https://maps.dwd.de/geoserver/ows?', { layers: 'dwd:Niederschlagsradar', format: 'image/png', transparent: true, version: '1.3.0', opacity: 0.5, attribution: 'DWD' }); var regen_time = L.timeDimension.layer.wms(regen, { updateTimeDimension: true, }); regen_time.addTo(map); L.control.scale().addTo(map); uri = "https://maps.dwd.de/geoserver/ows?service=WMS&request=GetLegendGraphic&format=image%2Fpng&width=20&height=20&layer=dwd%3ANiederschlagsradar" L.wmsLegend(uri); Would this be possible with your component? Edit: I'm getting data from: https://maps.dwd.de/geoserver/web/ but will also use other sources in the future.