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Found 1 result

  1. Cirrus22

    OSX Debugging Issue - How?

    Hi, First time here (just got the Google Groups and it has died). Look, this might be a simple issue and if it is I apologise, but it is driving me spare. Reading the literature I was under the impression you could build for OSX and use the debugger as you would in say a Win32 app,ication, ie. you would have breakpoints and could single step through the code if required. When I build for OSX I have never seen anything like this. The Event Log always says 'No Debug Info'. The best I have been able to do is to use log.d from FMX.Types to show log messages in the PAServer window. I really have tried searching everywhere and anywhere and cannot see anything that would enable what I would call 'normal' Delphi debugging. I think I have all of the necessary debug options set (the debugger certainly works as expected when I build the code for Win32/Win64). Specifically this was a working 32 bit application and DLL that I have converted to a macOS app and DYLIB. I can get the DYLIB to load and functions called if I have a simple test application as the host NOT the converted application. The reason it is now quite desperate is that I'm getting an AV and here's the scenario: Delphi 10.2.3 OSX 10.13.6 PAServer 19.0 Xcode 9.4.1 So my issue with code: Main Program and My Dylib Both call a common unit that generates log file (log4pascal as modified by me) At startup I get Log.d message that now in Initialize Block of log4pascal (it sets up logging for the DYLIB and main application) I then get a Log.d message code is in the Initialize Block of the DYLIB I then get a log.d message that code is leaving the Initialize Block of the DYLIB (all good so far) I SHOULD now get a log.D message that it is entering the Initialize Block of the Unit associated with the main application Instead I get an AV - see attached OSX AV And the PASERVER log shows the same - See log-lines below So the Initialize Block code for the main unit for the application itself is a Log.d line, it NEVER gets executed, ie. the AV occurs before it gets to Initialize? I am having significant difficulty tracking this error. So my initial problem is essentially ...how do i get the debugger to work when running an OSX application so that I can track down that AV (ie. with features like setting breakpoints and single stepping through the code??? Or do I have this all wrong, is there some other way I should be doing it (the Embarcadero documentation suggests I should be able to debug OSX in the same way as I debug Win32 apps). Again, if this is simple stuff I apologies, but it has me stuck.... Kevin