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Found 2 results

  1. Fellow Delphi developers, This is with great pleasure that we announce a 50% discount on all editions of HelpNDoc (including new licenses, updates and upgrades) starting now and for a few days only: https://www.helpndoc.com/news-and-articles/2021-08-12-summer-sale-2021-50-discount-on-all-editions-of-helpndoc-till-monday-only/ HelpNDoc an easy to use yet powerful help authoring tool producing CHM help files, responsive HTML 5 and mobile Web Sites, DocX and PDF manuals, ePub and Kindle eBooks as well as Qt Help files from a single source. HelpNDoc is Free for personal use and evaluation purposes and is available at: https://www.helpndoc.com Download HelpNDoc now and use it for free for personal and evaluation purposes: https://www.helpndoc.com/download Follow our step-by-step video guides to learn how to use HelpNDoc: Best regards, John, HelpNDoc team. https://www.helpndoc.com
  2. Dear visitors, We are offering excellent opportunity to get 50% off on our Next Suite Delphi (VCL) Components. Just use HALFPRICE coupon code on the checkout page to get 50% off. The coupon code is valid only until the end of the month. Click here for Online Store and Prices . NextSuite includes always growing set of VCL components. Most important components are: NextGrid6 (StringGrid/ListView replacement, written from scratch). NextDBGrid6 (Db variant of the grid) NextInspector6 - An object inspector component. Next Collection 6 - A set of smaller components that are both useful and easy to use. new Next Canvas Application - a drawing application that wysiwyg convert your drawings into a valid Delphi TCanvas code.   and many more.  Few screenshots:    Download big demo project from: http://www.bergsoft.net/downloads/vcl/demos/nxsuite6_demo.zip Best regards Boki (BergSoft) boki@bergsoft.net | LinkedIn Profile -- BergSoft Home Page: www.bergsoft.net Members Section: bms.bergsoft.net Articles and Tutorials: developer.bergsoft.net (Developers Network) -- BergSoft Facebook page -- Send us applications made with our components and we will submit them in news article. Link to this page will be also set on home page too.