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Found 3 results

  1. ImageEn, image editing and display library for Delphi/BCB, v10.2.0 is now generally available.This update is free if you purchased a license or extension after 15 September 2020: http://www.imageen.com/support/download/ Other users can extend their registration for 12 months at: http://www.imageen.com/order/ More info and a free trial of ImageEn are available at: http://www.imageen.com Top Ten Enhancements in ImageEn 10.2.0 ImageEn now uses a DLL for localization support. If you do not need localization it reduces your the EXE size by 780KB. If you use localization it adds support for eight more languages: Czech, Danish, Finnish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Slovenian The ImageEnViewToolbar can now be used to view and edit PDF files Now supports high quality PDF printing, including via ImageEn TAction classes Various improves to measurement, including new interactions to measure areas and lengths with a polyline and more detail in hover hints, e.g. perimeters when measuring by rectangular or circular areas Masks can now be applied to non-image layers, like text and shapes TIERichEdit adds support for all RichEdit 8.0 features, including spell checking All ImageEn keyboard shortcuts can now be easily customized or disabled New mouse interaction allows selection of text or images in a PDF files (with automatic detection based on what is under cursor), plus it is much easier to switch to pan and zoom mode Many other improvements for PDF file viewing, including new options for selection, highlight and form field colors, and performance enhancements Now supports Delphi 11
  2. ImageEn v10.0.1 has now been released. This update is free if you purchased a license or extension after 15 May 2020. You can access the download from: http://www.imageen.com/support/downloadrequest.html Other users can extend their registration for 12 months at: http://www.imageen.com/order/index.html#Extensions More info on ImageEn and a free trial is available at: http://www.imageen.com Top Ten Enhancements 1. PDF Viewer supports an "All Pages" view 2. Find Text can search the entire PDF document and scroll located text into view 3. TImageEnMView uses on demand loading with large PDF documents for much faster performance 4. Further high DPI improvements, including scaling of the ImageEn Open/Save dialogs and better support for multiple monitors 5. Global methods to add, merge and delete pages from PDF files 6. Many other PDF enhancements including adding and removing attachments, meta-data support, page rotation, and form editing improvements 7. Aspect ratio now considered when scaling JPEG for optimized loading 8. All Russian text is now natively translated 9. Now uses custom GDI+ dash drawing for improved selection styling (e.g. when cropping) 10. Various stability fixes and improvements Complete Change History: http://www.imageen.com/info/HistoryFull.html
  3. ImageEn v8.1.2 has now been released to add support for Delphi/C++Builder 10.3 Rio. ImageEn is a powerful native image display, editing and processing library. Learn more at: www.imageen.com We now have a trial version, which is available via GetIt in the Delphi IDE, or our web site at: www.imageen.com/demos/ There are also 200 pre-compiled demo applications so you can instantly try all our features. Top Five Enhancements 1. Enhanced TImageEnLayerMView with background layer locking and custom hover hints 2. Layer Properties dialog improvements including drawing of Line End shapes in combobox, plus optional image-only display for all combobox captions 3. Polyline layers can be created from a selection 4. All pages can be previewed when printing posters 5. Full localization support for Russian and Dutch languages Complete Change History: www.imageen.com/info/history.html The update is free to all users who purchased a license or extension after 26 Novemeber 2017. You can download at: www.imageen.com/support/downloadrequest.html