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Found 1 result

  1. shineworld

    Gesture igZoom works in FMX but not in VCL

    Hi all, I'm trying to use igZoom gesture in a VCL application but doesn't work. It works perfectly in an FMX application. 1] Create an FMX empty application for WIN. 2] Add GestureManager 3] Add a Panel and assign the GestureManager 4] Add igZoom feature in Panel Touch Interactive Gestures 5] Add an event handler for Panel OnGesture 6] Increment a counter and show in the caption for every OnGesture event: var Count: Integer; procedure TForm8.Panel1Gesture(Sender: TObject; const EventInfo: TGestureEventInfo; var Handled: Boolean); begin Inc(Count); Caption := IntToStr(Count); end; 1] Create a VCL empty application 2 to 6 as made for FMX application At this point the two applications, FMX and VCL are the same. Running FMX application when I put two fingers on the touch screen the zoom in/out movements creates a continuous flow of OnGesture: OK works fine. Running VCL application when I put two fingers on the touch screen the zoom in/out movements don't create OnGesture event but is created only when I remove the fingers. I don't know why FMX works: till I'm zooming I've got a lot of OnGesture events to track the zoom IN/OUT activity, but with VCL I've got ONLY one event with ID = 0 when I leave the fingers from the touch screen. Thank you for help !!!