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Detached panels with multiple tool window in Delphi 12

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I just installed Delphi 12 and tried using my layouts from Delphi 11, and it seems to be broken (attached picture). My layout is the main window at the center and two detached panels on the left and right that contain the various tool windows I use the most.


Then I tried recreating the same layout from scratch and the result is still the same.


Has anybody had the same issue?


Edit: the screenshot was resized... what is on the left panel is Object inspector, Breakpoints, Structure, Messages and on the right panel Bookmarks, To-Do List, Projects, Palette. Both the left and right panels are empty. If you try to recreate the layout, as soon as you set two tool windows in one panel, they start to disappear and the splitter cannot move.


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Yes, I have the same problem on a dual 4K monitor setup.  The only way I can get it to work is to attach all tool docks to the right side of the IDE and then straddle the two screens.  This is really ugly and uses up more screen real estate than before.  I used to be able to put all of my tool dock panels into a large, separate floating panel on the right hand monitor.  No more.  


A floating panel mangles the heights of the docked tool panels.  It also does not allow anything but tabbed docks - which I hate.

bad docks.png

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I also am having this issue. Have tried many different setups (bog standard Intel/Nvidia PCs with multiple 4k displays, single display laptops, remote desktop to windows server, windows 10&11, Windows for ARM on parallels/Mac OS) and all manner of layout combinations and steps to try and get them to dock)

It does not f*ing work!


Does anyone know if this is a bug or have they actually changed it to work like this? I had assumed the former and that it was something to do with my setups but seems like that's not the case. It seems unbelieveable that Embercadero would release something so blatantly broken but I very much hope that is the case..

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I just played around with those tool windows, trying to dock and undock them in various ways.

I found that having several tool windows docked together in a floating window doesn't work well in neither of the Delphi versions I have tested (10.2, 11 and 12). Part of that might be due to my special setup (monitors with different resolutions and scaling) though.


I guess they don't do much testing with floating windows at Embarcadero or even in the beta. Or they just didn't assign high enough a priority to fix those oddities. I haven't checked for bug reports.

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Yes, it is just floating windows with multiple tool windows docked in them. On mine it was find on all previous versions, it's just v12 where I have seen it.

I can't file a report as I don't have access to the quality portal but I assume someone will!

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