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Kevin McCoy

EurekaLog Black Friday Sale!

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Neos Eureka s.r.l. is proud to announce our annual Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale!


Use our 30% off coupon code when checking out/paying to take advantage of this sale.

The code is BFCM2023


This coupon code is valid from 24 November through 27 November 2023, East Coast USA time.


Existing customers should log in to their account at

And select the license they wish to upgrade or extend. 

Enter the code into the coupon code at checkout time.


New customers can purchase products here:
Enter the coupon code at checkout.


The coupon code is valid once per email address.


EurekaLog detects exceptions, memory leaks and other problems in your C++ Builder or Delphi application. 


When trouble is found, it creates a bug report and sends it to your development team via
Email or your web server. The bug report contains a stack trace that shows the place in your
application where the crash occurred. The report can contain an optional screen shot, assembly
code, configuration of the user's computer and many other factors.


If you have questions or comments then please contact us at:

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