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[SOLVED] athen and macos : bug in notarization with sqlite dylibs

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My app runs with sqlite and uses 2 files, stored in deployment page for MacOs like that :

libcgsqlite3.dylib in Contents\MacOs

libcgsqlite3_fde.dylib in Contents\MacOs


I have a Notarization error :

      "severity": "error",
      "code": null,
      "path": "intelli7.app.zip/intelli7.app/Contents/MacOs/libcgsqlite3.dylib",
      "message": "The signature does not include a secure timestamp.",
      "docUrl": "https://developer.apple.com/documentation/security/notarizing_macos_software_before_distribution/resolving_common_notarization_issues#3087733",
      "architecture": "x86_64"


Any idea will be very appreciated...



The pb was that one of the libs had a path like that : c:\...\;

It needs a path like : $(BDS)\Redist\osx64\

So need to edit myapp.deployproj to change the path.

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