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  1. weabow

    Debug output

    Of course ! Thanks a lot
  2. weabow

    Debug output

    Hi there, I've installed Athens, so of course I lost all my configuration, and above all, the types of messages printed in the output frame. I do not need all these informations, that "mask" my own informations. So in previous version I've arrived to control the output, but I can't arrive to do it on Athen. Where do I decide what appears in the output frame ? Typically, all the std messages during the use of the software are too mutch to me. I'd like to output only the messages I decide to output.
  3. My app runs with sqlite and uses 2 files, stored in deployment page for MacOs like that : libcgsqlite3.dylib in Contents\MacOs libcgsqlite3_fde.dylib in Contents\MacOs I have a Notarization error : { "severity": "error", "code": null, "path": "intelli7.app.zip/intelli7.app/Contents/MacOs/libcgsqlite3.dylib", "message": "The signature does not include a secure timestamp.", "docUrl": "https://developer.apple.com/documentation/security/notarizing_macos_software_before_distribution/resolving_common_notarization_issues#3087733", "architecture": "x86_64" }, Any idea will be very appreciated... Solution The pb was that one of the libs had a path like that : c:\...\; It needs a path like : $(BDS)\Redist\osx64\ So need to edit myapp.deployproj to change the path.
  4. I think it depends on the OS target. On Windows, I do not add any file On Android, I add lib-native-activity.so On MacOs I add libcdsqlite.dylib and libcrypto.dylib On IOS I add ... nothing On Linux I add ... nothing But I'm not sure all these libraries concern SQLite
  5. [SOLVED] I've put on app boot a on the main form : TFDPhysSQLiteDriverLink, with the property : EngineLinkage -> sIFDEStatic Maybee an idea do do that from code ?
  6. Thanks for your replies. I've read the FireDAC SQLite Version Update and I understand I have to use option 3 : Continue using SQLite 3.31.1 or previous versions with FireDAC encryption (FDE). But I didn't see anywhere how to do that (sorry, it's not my best expertise). What's the code I need to put and where ?
  7. Hi there, I've an app which runs fine on Delphi 11, using crypted (aes-256) SQLite db, throught FireDac. This code no longer runs under Delphi 12. An error is fired from FireDAC.Phys.SQLiteWrapper.pas, procedure TSQLiteDatabase.Key(const AKey: String);, line 2119 : if Assigned(Lib.Fsqlite3_key) then begin... It seems that Lib.Fsqlite3_key is not assigned. Any idea will be very appreciated...
  8. weabow

    Deep links to open the app

    Thank you Alexander. I will not hesitate one second...
  9. weabow

    Deep links to open the app

    It helps a lot. Thank you
  10. weabow

    Deep links to open the app

    Great. Thank you
  11. weabow

    Deep links to open the app

    Very interesting. Thanks a lot.
  12. weabow

    Deep links to open the app

    Thanks. For Windows I know associations, but as I know, it needs to have a file. I've already implemented it and it runs fine with the file. But the need I have is to use a link, something like Zoom... It's a good news to know that on MacOs it can run. On mobiles, I've been told that it can run too, but on Apple maybee there are restrictions ? Linux is not in a hurry for me.
  13. weabow

    Deep links to open the app

    Hi there, I would like to open my app (windows, macos, ios, android & linux) clicking on a link (inside an email for example), and pass to the app a parameter which is inside the link. Is it possible ? Regards