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  1. weabow

    Bug with formatfloat in crossplatform ?

    Thanks. Doesn't solve the problem.
  2. weabow

    Bug with formatfloat in crossplatform ?

    I make it run : fs := TFormatSettings.Create(SysLocale.DefaultLCID); //fs.DecimalSeparator := '.'; System.SysUtils.FormatSettings := fs; Now it compiles, but no change under MacOs. If I set hardly decimalpoint it runs fine. But my need is to detect the OS parameter. I think there's a bug.
  3. weabow

    Bug with formatfloat in crossplatform ?

    Thanks. I put TFormatSettings.Create(SysLocale.DefaultLCID); but the ide doesn't want it. Looking inside help...doesn't help !
  4. weabow

    Bug with formatfloat in crossplatform ?

    Looks fine. But me need is to be synchronized with the plateform settings, maybee France, USA or UK. Sometimes it's a , and in other cases it's a . How can I know which it is on the OS ?
  5. weabow

    Bug with formatfloat in crossplatform ?

    Well, I'm not familiar with this. I thougth that formatfloat took OS settings into account automatically. Do you mean I have something else to do ?
  6. I have this piece of code : showmessage(formatfloat('###,###.00', 1234.25)); It runs fine under Windows, and if I change the decimal separator in the OS, it's taken into account. On Mac, I always have the , (I'm french), even if I change it in the parameters of the OS. An idea ?
  7. weabow

    Create hyperlink inside code

    Runs fine ! Thanks a lot Christian
  8. weabow

    Create hyperlink inside code

    Yes : typing some code in a unit, I would like to set a shortcut (link) to another piece of code somewhere else in the project.
  9. I would like to put a hyperlink somewhere in my code, to be able to jump clicking on it, in another unit, at a specific point (anchor). Is it possible ?
  10. I've began to build a .deb to deploy my app on Ubuntu. It runs fine but it's not finished. I'm looking for an expert. An idea ?
  11. weabow

    Video of a FMX crossplateform app

    Thanks. I've missed those points.
  12. weabow

    Video of a FMX crossplateform app

    We are pleased to share with you a video that describes our app : We are strongly convinced that there's a great future for cross platform app. Do not hesitate to share the link. Enjoy
  13. weabow

    Deploy IOS app from Rad Studio

    Hi, 1) you need to compile teh app (needs mac and an IPad/IPhone connected or simulator maybee) You can use VM for the mac (forbidden), maybee the IPad simulator (I don't know), 2) you need to deploy the app to the store (use transporter from Apple - runs fine) 3) in your Apple account, create the app and fill the forms (with all the fine certificates).
  14. weabow

    Android - new version of file in assets\internal\

    I have had a lot of problems like this in past ; I solved them by downloading the files on boot, with a version id management.