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    Video of a FMX crossplateform app

    We are pleased to share with you a video that describes our app : We are strongly convinced that there's a great future for cross platform app. Do not hesitate to share the link. Enjoy
  2. weabow

    Video of a FMX crossplateform app

    Thanks. I've missed those points.
  3. weabow

    Deploy IOS app from Rad Studio

    Hi, 1) you need to compile teh app (needs mac and an IPad/IPhone connected or simulator maybee) You can use VM for the mac (forbidden), maybee the IPad simulator (I don't know), 2) you need to deploy the app to the store (use transporter from Apple - runs fine) 3) in your Apple account, create the app and fill the forms (with all the fine certificates).
  4. weabow

    Android - new version of file in assets\internal\

    I have had a lot of problems like this in past ; I solved them by downloading the files on boot, with a version id management.
  5. I have my app that's runing fine on a Samsung Tablett 64 bits. It also runs fine on a Motorola Phone in 32 Bits. But on "cheap" tablett", Android 9, 64 bits and 32 Bits, it stays on splash screen. Debugging, before any Delphi line code, it fires this exception : Android : EGL PBuffer Surface Errcode : 12297 An idea ?
  6. weabow

    Android : EGL PBuffer Surface Errcode : 12297

    Yes it looks like this... If I understand fine, no way to solve the problem.
  7. weabow

    Learning Delphi

    Well, its's not difficult for me to give examples... Pb with timeout on Internet connexions (doesn't run crossplatform), Pb with inheritance with styles : need to set style at each level, Pb with SQLite drivers : from one version to the next one, no way to have prepared queries ; need to insert values inside SQL, on some platforms only (was running fine in previous version), Layouts : from one version to the next one, objects do not appear in same order, JSON : from one version to the next one : some responses no longer come back, even if the key exists, due to the insertion of quotes in FMX source code, (no need to speak about memory leaks too...), Deployement : from one version to the next one, even if Apple didn't change its strategies (be careful), splash screens change their sizes and positions from one boot to the next one (was running fine), also in Android, And so on. If you want to see some bugs, just go to https://quality.embarcadero.com/ What I want to say here is that Delphi is not better nor worse than others languages. But it would be a lie to say that it's perfect. With FMX (I developp only one app, that you'll be able to see in a video soon), the art is really difficult for Embarcadero. I can undertsand that, of course. But I can also be worried when, obviously, the code has changed and it has not been tested. Like I saw some years ago in a post about a developer : solve some bugs and add new ones. I recognize myself in this "joke". But from Embacadero, I'm a little bit worried.
  8. weabow

    Learning Delphi

    On my opinion, FMX is tricky, and not stable. From one version to another, things change. Right now, my position is that if I can go on deploying crossplatform, I DO NOT UPGRADE Delphi. It looks like VCL, but it is not. I've bought some help, and I can say now that I wouldn't succeed without it. But my app runs on Windows, Mac, IOS, Android and Linux.
  9. weabow

    Learning Delphi

    VCL or FMX ?
  10. Hi there, I need to request my server using its IP, not a domain name. The problem is that an IP can't have a SSL certificate. So I have an error about the need of a certificate with this code : Tghis code runs fine with a classic URL, but not with the IP. How can I use THTTPClient and say it not to check certificates ?
  11. Thanks. It helps.
  12. Yes it's exactly that. But how can I do, then, to address my server with its IP ???? What do you mean with : Try to relax the HTTPS certification validation.
  13. Yes : same error. Thanks
  14. I solved this kind of problem by removing ARM fichier de map in linker configuration, in Options/Construction/Compiler/Linker (see attached picture).
  15. weabow

    10.4.2 and iOS Launch Image

    I have the same problem : I reported the bug : https://quality.embarcadero.com/ RSP-32151
  16. Looks like an error in activate event, or something like that. I had someting close to this when moving the device from landscape to portrait, and conversely. It was because of setting text into a label, fired by an event. I has to put the code into a thread.Synchonize... It was running fine every where, except IOS
  17. weabow

    Nneed a mentor

    Up to you. Because of my ignorance of Pascal, and RadStudio IDE, I saved a lot of time. Of course I prepared the sessions with him. Also, I gave him some projects or pieces of projects to build, not to waste time with hight level skills needs in Delphi. And when I wrote some code, at the beginning, we evaluate it both of us to improve my own skills.
  18. weabow

    Nneed a mentor

    Your request is what I did 4 years ago, to make my app in crossplatforms (I was coming from VB, C & C++, Java, PHP, etc... but not Delphi). Your strongly right to go this way. For myself, I asked a MVP, and that was a very good idea. Christian
  19. Personnaly, I have a real Mac to be in order with regulations. But I only use VM, and as you say, because of often changes from Apple, running on VM is very secured. I often clone VM before upgrading VM.
  20. I use for Windows, Mac, IOs, Android and Linux TMS FNC UIpack, which contains FNC Core, which contains a pdf lib. Do NOT take FMX UI Pack if interested, as recommanded. I runs fine, very fast (2 seconds for 58 pages on Windows). You can draw, print texts and pictures, embed fonts. Very great tool. It's here... In attachment, an example with pictures in png, drawings (the targets), and texts. tms-fnc-pdf-lib.pdf
  21. weabow

    IOS deployment error [PAClient Error] Error: E0776

    What I did in the past for such these problems : remove target platform in the project (remove IOS) clean project files just to remove all ios files then exit Delphi, and restart, reinstall target plateform, compile and deploy. Hope this helps.
  22. To day's deployement on Android : uploaded at 09h45, accepted at 10h23. Hope this helps
  23. 30 minutes. Are you sure your submission is taken into account ? One time I've forgotten to click on the right button. Also, check adds options, and so on.
  24. For me, about 30'. Christian
  25. weabow

    Linux : app icon problem

    I run my app on Ubuntu 20 and it runs fine. The problem is that the icon app I have set in the project properties isn't shown. I only have the Linux default icon. Any idea ?