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Problem building dclP4DEnvironmentProject.bpl

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I'm trying to use the delphi4python library, as well as the PythonEnvironments library:



I have installed P4D successfully, for both 32bit and 64bit. However when trying to install PythonEnvironments, I face a issue for the design time package dclP4DEnvironmentProject.bpl.

I get the following error message when attempting to build or install it:

[Exec Error] EXEC(1): Invalid syntax.
[Exec Error] The command "..\reg_env.bat 22.0 "K:\PythonEnvi\PythonEnvironments\packages\..\"
" exited with code 1.

This is followed up by a error dialog:

Cannot open file "K:\PythonEnvi\PythonEnvironments\packages\EXEC". The system cannot find the file specified.

I have looked inside the packages folder, and do not see a folder or file named EXEC. the closest thing I found is a folder named ExecCmd, which is at the path:


Your guidance in this matter would be greatly appreciated, thanks you! 


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